I know most that comment here have problems with the cameras

Most people that comment here have issues either with the product or the wyze company. I own 15 cameras and to be honest theyre all junk when it comes to security, which is why i bought them. Wyze doesnt seem to care about the consumer or the workings of their products. Ive decided to give my cameras away and purchase a better system. Ive contacted them numerous times with no resolutions. Only reason im posting this is i hope new customers will understand and buy some other security system from another company.
Thanks for letting me vent

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I’ve not noticed that MOST people complain. I’ve seen troubleshooting requests far more than actual complaints.

It’s also true that people who are satisfied/happy very rarely come to the forums or write reviews for companies/products. So reviews and forums tend to be skewed by default.

There’s a lot of registered forum users, and to be honest, only a small portion of them complain. :woman_shrugging:t2:

I don’t have any issues with my cameras currently, though I have had the odd firmware update that broke something but those problems are quickly resolved or it was a case of user error. I wouldn’t call my cameras or other products junk at all.


Hey alpacainn

This is a year or so old, now, but still holds true. I think. At minimum, it provides a little perspective. :slight_smile:


An update to the table, from a Wyze email a few days ago…

Join 1,000,000+ users on Cam Plus.

~ 200% growth in about a year-and-a-half, not bad…

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“I’ve decided to give my cameras away and purchase a better system.”

If you are giving your cameras away, I’d like to have them. I’ll pay for the shipping. Just let me know. Thanks.