WYZE support of Firmware issues

First off, please don’t think this as a slam, but as some feedback by a long time user that is also shared across this forum and others.

Will you please fix the Firmware issues on your V1 and PanCams. I had to bring an issue up that I discovered to your technical support and users are posting on many WYZE boards that they are having the same issues.

Support the original customers that got you to where you are today before getting greedy and spending resources on new products for your bottom line, the same resources that could have corrected our issues by now.

I used to tell everyone about WYZE and show your product off, but now I don’t want my friends to get in the same situation that many of us are in.

I also will not purchase another product from you until the V1 and PanCam issues are resolved.

We are frustrated…

Nick Soefje


@nickso - Thank you for your input and the thoughtful and factual way you expressed it. I’m going to tag the Forum @moderators who are the ones with the ability to pass this on up the chain.
If you would care to post problems or questions about specific issues the moderators and a group of us volunteers called @mavens are happy to see if we can help resolve them. Maybe not but glad to try.

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Thanks all, I’m having multiple issues and I have spent hours on the phone with WYZE. They even sent me 2 new PanCams for free and it still did not solve my issues.

It’s a firmware issue and I sent video to WYZE technical support and it went to the developers and they agreed that there was an issue, but after talking and emailing WYZE, I have not heard from them in over a month.


Motion Tracking is all over the place constantly over shooting the subject.

Detection Zones are completely ignored and the cameras constantly get stuck on a ceiling fan, even though the ceiling fan is out of the Detection Zone.

Notifications work sometimes and sometimes they don’t.

I have had 2 high quality micro SD cards bricked by what I can only assume was my V1’s. I’m a photographer and I have had at least 60 different cards over time and I have never had one go bad.
WYZE sent me 2 new 32GB cards, but there is no way I’m going to put them in my V1’s.

I have 2 V1’s, 1 V2 and 4 PanCams.

The only cam that acts correctly is my V2.

I have the same kind of lineup of cams, except for the V1.
My pans have some of the same issues. Motion tracking I think trys to keep the motion centered, overshoots and constantly corrects. My theory on the ceiling fan problem is that it might be tracking a lesser motion, sense the steady fan motion and be trapped. I’ve seen that happen recently repeatedly on one of my outdoor pans that had my heat pump condensing unit at one point in it’s range of motion and motion tracking turned on. It would track my dog across the yard, see the spinning fan and lock on and stay.
You are a photographer and have used SD cards but how much for video recording. I photographed Virtual Tours for several years early on in the Real Estate business and they involved taking literally hundreds of photos of every room or part of a house and stitching them. Never had card problems. But, even with that much use it was nothing like constant video writing and rewriting. Many of the card makers note don’t warranty their cards for video now. Current recommendations for this is High Endurance cards. I use These but there are many. BTW, the Wyze cards I don’t think are advertised as HE.
Notifications are problematic at the moment with CMC and in-house person detection. No answers there.
Hope this helps!

Thanks for the input. But it should not lock onto something that is out of its Detection Zone.

I do see what you are saying on the cards being constantly written to and over again.

Yep, waiting on many answers, but hey a new lock is out, no thanks.