Another wise customer frustrated and looking

I have been reading wyze customers getting frustrated and leaving the platform. Much like them, I have cameras, plugs bulbs, motion sensors, and have a yet-to-be install thermostat. Unfortunately, I spend too much time trying to configure reconfigure when the system goes down. Re-establishing a mere at 3 cameras, two plugs, and three blubs doesn’t sound like a lot but I have a life. Presently none will connect to the network. Everything else on the network is fine. …UNHAPPY!!!
Right now I am so frustrated I can even, look at the app.
DEAR WYZE …IT has to be easier, Intuitive, and smart.

Maybe don’t rush out the next product so soon. DONT forget your core competency. You are the smart camera guys for the regular people. Refine what you have and maintain your customer base. We will tell everybody and your customer base will grow. If it is bad WE will tell everyone that as well. I have brought and installed two cameras for friends and neighbors. Problems , problems …IM not happy

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I’m not sure they have a core competency anymore. It for sure isn’t software and firmware QA, if it ever was. :unamused:

I hate to post this here but…the Eufy 2k camera seems to be on sale at Amazon right now…$29.99


Welcome to the Forum Community, @sirchris1. Sorry that you are having these issues. First thing I would suggest is to contact Wyze Support. Live support is also available: +1-206-339-9646 Monday - Friday 5 am - 6 pm PT Saturday 8 am - 4 pm PT.
I have passed along your comments up the chain, but hopefully Support will be able to resolve your issues.

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