Shame on Wyze for making fake amends - Anyone else had a Wyze issue a gift card and quietly expire it without explanation

I am a big Wyze adopter and was one of the first to buy their headphones.
Unfortunately, like many headphones owners, the hinge broke, and I called Wyze customer service.
After a very lengthy troubleshooting, they concluded it was defective. Because they no longer made the product, they issued me a refund for the purchase amount - $99.98. That was in April 2023.
Today, I learned that the gift card could not be used because it had “expired”.
After over an hour of waiting and talking to an agent and then their supervisor, it turns out that back in April, they had made a mistake. The item at the time I had called in was out of warranty, so they quietly just expired the gift card… no email, no communication, and no note in the account - sleazy, with no integrity or respect for customer value.
Why drag me through troubleshooting, etc, when the item was out of warranty, make fake amends, and then drag me through a whole other customer service waste of time to find this out?

All of this is recorded in transcripts. Shame on you, Wyze!

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Yes, communication is very important and I agree they should have at least told you about this issue.

Luckily no, but with a recent issue I’ve had with several campan V2 cameras dying within a matter of 3-4 moths of purchase, the last one that died I called and reported it,and they said we will send a replacement, 4 months later and still no camera because as they said" they are still waiting on stock" I asked the last agent well considering it has been 4 months now and you still have not restocked , how about just upgrading me and sending a V3? Oh I can’t do that they said, eventually they said we can send you a gift card, so i took the gift card, and bought a V3 SMH!!

Did the gift card cover the cost of tax and shipping or were you required to shell out more money for a “warranty claim”?

No of course not, I had to pay tax and shipping.

I won’t buy any more Wyze products at all until they actually send the $20 coupon they promised, confirmed by 5 separate talks with (actually very nice) employees. As for my experience, 6 months later and countless inquires with "Forum Maven carverofchoice " have yielded nothing but promises that this would be sent to me. It would be very UN-wise of me to trust them after this, and it only takes a search here Wyze gift cards are useless - don't accept them as refunds to see how universal their lying has become. Buyer beware!!! If your order is short or anything breaks or is missing you will NOT get get made right and Wyze will make extra profit off your trust in their ethics.

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