Horrible support experience

I have $125 worth of wyze products being delivered tomorrow and I’m considered returning it all due to the horrible customer support i just experienced.

Is this normally what the support is like here? Worst part is after all the frustration they basically said reboot it and if it didn’t fix it sorry, it’s out of support. What a joke, very disappointed.

(01:54:11 PM) Jericho Z: I see. Try to reseat the battery in any affected sensors, then set them back up as if they were new
(01:54:28 PM) Rick: ok… that will take some time
(01:54:40 PM) Jericho Z: No worries about that.
(01:54:46 PM) Jericho Z: Take your time.
(01:57:52 PM) Jericho Z: How is it going?
(02:00:48 PM) Jericho Z: Due to inactivity, I will now be closing our chat. Should you have questions or concerns in the future, feel free to message us at any time. You take care and have a great day ahead!
(02:00:51 PM) *** Jericho Z left the chat ***

That chat seems… very reasonable? It seems you stopped responding.

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The real question is: Did reseating the battery fix the problem?

If yes, that was a pretty good job by Wyze support.

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Do you have older V1 sensors or new V2 sensors? I only ask because you say they are out of support.

You guys are all correct. It was my fault… i guess i should have been more clear when i said:
(01:54:28 PM) Rick: ok… that will take some time
(01:54:40 PM) Jericho Z: No worries about that.
(01:54:46 PM) Jericho Z: Take your time.

And asked him when he meant by take your time… my bad.

I’m a 60 yr old man and had to go down a flight of steps, find something “flat” that could force open the battery on the sensor, remove the battery and wait, put the battery back in, then open the app, add the device, (oh yeah…had to find something to push in the little pin hole to try to reconnect it) then wait for that to fail 2 times.

So you are all right they did a great job and i should have been faster.

I supposed you are customer support… you guys do great work! It was my fault

Yeah, that was a GREAT job by Wyze support!! Go team!

And to answer the real question, is no. Nothing i was told to do helped at all. It’s broken a v1, not under warranty, no longer offered, and now to replace it i need to spend $60 a year on a service i don’t need.

Or maybe I misunderstood, perhaps support would like to answer?

This is a user to user forum mainly, but typically with chat support they check in every couple of minutes. And after a couple of tries with no response, they have to assume you’ve left the chat so they can move on to the next help request.

I can understand your frustration. Perhaps next time, keep the chat open and accessible so you can respond? That’s what I have to do (I’ve had chats closed because I didn’t respond after they attempted twice and had to re enter the chat queue).

And I think the new sensors can be used without the HMS now. I could be wrong, but I thought I had read that somewhere.

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This sounds very much like the old V1 sensors. How long have you had them? The V1s have a known problem which renders them useless if the battery gets too low. Wyze won’t do anything about them since ALL or nearly all V1s are out of warranty.


First, what @towelkingdom and @WildBill said.

Second, no I’m a regular customer as are almost all the forum participants. We try to help each other, and most of us make an effort to be nice.

Third, 60 stopped being considered old roughly 30 years ago.

Fourth, sarcasm doesn’t translate well in print, nor is it appreciated.

Fifth, if you’ve spent ANY time using ANY Internet chat for ANY form of customer support over the last 20 years, you’d know that it’s completely normal to end a chat that has had no response. What prevented you from getting back to support after you tried what they suggested?

Sixth, as noted, V1 sensor owners are notoriously screwed in low voltage conditions as the battery dies. There are MANY forum threads and comments about it, with a few workarounds.

Good luck with your old gear.

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Thank you @Customer for being so thorough in your response, greatly appreciated AND helpful!