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Hello there,

I just want to preface that I was an early Wyze adopter. Even bought one of the genius April fools “Wyze Nests”.

Today was the first time I’ve had to reach out to the Wyze CS team for help, regarding my Wyze Lock. I got disconnected 3 times, luckily the reps were able to read previous conversation history, so it wasn’t too big a deal. I explained up front that the item is almost 2 years old, and I was unsure of Wyze’s warranty policy.

He then proceeded to send me troubleshooting blurbs, which I have already done (Side note: I work in R&D for a pretty large online retailer, so I understand how to troubleshoot). I mention again that I know it’s been a while since I purchased and I just need to make sure there are no other options before I start shopping for a new smart lock. He then explains that he can provide a gift card in the amount I paid for this one, and that I just needed to respond to a bunch of questions and provide screenshots of the model, serial number, and proof of purchase. I provide it all, and then get disconnected again.

I reconnect, and a new rep goes through the history and says I am out of the 1 year warranty period, and therefore out of luck. I SAID HOW OLD THE LOCK WAS AT THE BEGINNING OF THIS JOURNEY.

I was not looking for special treatment or for an exception to be made. I just needed to know what my options were, so I could make an informed decision. This wasted my time, and 3 different reps times that could have been spent serving other customers.

Wyze, please provide your reps with updated training on how to efficiently assist customer complaints without just throwing blurbs at them or disconnecting the chat when they are unsure of the answer. It costs extra queue time and you wind up with irate customers who walk away with a bad experience.

I apologize for my rant. I love you guys at Wyze! (just, maybe work on the customer facing training)


Your biggest fan.


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First off, thank you for the write up about your experience with Support. The “forum feedback thread” you initially posted this in is strictly for forum related issues, so I moved your post to its own topic for better visibility and assistance.

The forum itself is a user community that occasionally has Wyze team members the visit, but again this is mainly a user to user community.


Yeah, this is good.

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I am sorry you had this experience and appreciate the feedback, I will pass it along to the proper team. Would you happen to have any ticket numbers they would have given you so I can pass that along also?


Thanks for responding! Ticket numbers are 3189640, 3189624, and 3189764.


Thank you for moving it to the proper thread!


I passed along your comments and ticket numbers, again thank you for all the details it helps us train where needed. I would also like to apologize on behalf of our Support team.


Your log ID number is…

I just got disconnected with a chat support person.

She had me delete 2 shared people.

That didn’t help.

I close and lock, next step.

I unlock and open. Fails calibration.

100’s of times.

I can lock and unlock from the keypad.
Currently not from the app.

Thanks charlie

Your ticket (3191211) has been updated

Apparently, my ticket has been updated.


Im glad Jason was able to get this issue escalated and your feedback directed to the proper teams, but I just want to say THIS is the perfect example of constructive criticism.

Too many complaints on this forum are just that. Complaints. And then no one wants to engage with the user for fear they will get into an argument or something, and WYZE employees hesitate with escalating the issue because they think the user could just be overreacting or misunderstanding a process.

But the detailed write up of the issues you had, and ways you tried to resolve it, and being understanding of the process and it’s flaws, that is the way to do it. And it worked for you. You got lots of responses, the issue reported, and your ticket number brought up.

Thank you @djboost! :clap::heart: