Poor response to warranty request!

Anybody having difficulty getting a response from Wyze for a warranty issue?

I had a power outage a week ago and when the power returned my thermostat did not. Totally dead. I verified it because I have a multi-zone system and was able to swap thermostats around. I contacted Wyze for a warranty replacement. It took 2 days for an initial response where they asked questions. I replied to the questions immediately. Three days after that no further reply so I followed up. Now 2 days after THAT still no communication. I’m lucky that I have multple zones so I’m not freezing my a** off. It’s below freezing outdoors. My ticket is open, it has my communications recorded. Why would it take so long to get an acknowlegement?

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Welcome @smh2005!
Have you tried calling?
(206) 339-9646 Available Monday - Friday 5 am - 6 pm PT and Saturday 8 am - 4 pm PT

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OMG I’ve not received any response from them since January 28th. I think they are going belly up! My daughter bought us the robo vac for Christmas and it sucks! Can’t even get it to set up in the app. I’m leaving the brand behind and moving on. I guess the saying is true you get what you pay for or in the case of Wyze you don’t. They must be learning there’s a reason other brands are much more expensive.


There is another thread going about the poor support as of late. Yes, I’m experiencing the same kind of issues. I’ve been waiting on an RMA label for a v3 camera return and swap since 1/23/2021. I called support today and was told to wait until 2/10/2021 and if I don’t have my label by then I should call back. Apparently it takes WYZE at least 13 business days to create a return shipping label.

I’ve been in IT for over two decades and have dealt with several dozens of returns throughout the years. I can honestly say, that’s the longest I have ever waited for a return label in my entire life. Not complaining, just being honest. WYZE is the worst I have ever dealt with when it comes to exchanging a defective product.

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I’ve had issues with my Vacuum waiting on a resolution since 1/6. I spent 50 minutes on hold to speak to somebody today and finally got through and got it resolved.

The lengthy delays and turnaround times for support requests is a serious issue and has only gotten worse over the last 12 months.


Try tweeting them and through the app putting in a support ticket. I’ve never had a problem with wyze. I do the report ticket then send them a message on Twitter. That person gets the info then finds someone to help. I can’t call though being deaf. So it’s my options. They are usually really good at sending out replacements. When they couldn’t solve the issue. Unfortunately after a base,a sd card and a camera replacement. I know it’s just issues the cameras have and a replacement won’t fix it.

Like @kinko, I’ve actually had pretty good experiences with Wyze Support. I understand that 2021 was a particularly difficult one on Wyze and its support group (not an excuse, just a point of note).

My last interaction with Wyze Support. I submitted a support ticket online on January 17. A couple of email exchanges happened the same day. On the day after (January 18), it was determined I needed a warranty replacement. I received the replacement on January 21 (which is surprising when you compare that shipping speed to ordering stuff off of Wyze’s website).