WYZE Support gone crappy

I often read here about crappy tech support at support@wyze.com and said that didn’t reflect my experience (12+cams). Well, hello valued customer, you only had to buy a Door Lock and get one where the latch plate screw hole did not get threaded, and to ask tech support to send a new plate only to find out they ghosted you. IF, I had been able to buy the lock from Amazon, I would have gotten an immediate replacement and returned the broken one. Wyze cams or worth the money, But, buy yourself an insurance policy and only buy from Amazon.


We are super sorry to hear about this. May I please have your support ticket number so that I can look into what happened with your ticket?

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Thank you for reaching out. I’m a little regretful for airing my laundry on the community. But someone. your CEO is dropping the ball with customer support.

I have a new house being built and I was excited about using your door locks on the 5 exterior doors. So what better way than to order one and test it in our current home. On February 26 I ordered from your site and it was shipped the same day.

The lock arrived and during the installation, I could see there was an obvious manufacturing problem. Why would I know that? because I’m a graduate engineer and spent a career building things.

I reach out to support@wyze on February 29 ticket 484811. I told her what was wrong with the unit. She asked me to try things that proved she didn’t fully understand the lock. Teck support should be really knowledgable people.

On Mar5 I got a notice the latch plateorder was place ( order


As of today March 14 AM I still do not have a plate. To go from Seattle to Salt Lake City via mail takes two days. The mechanical problem is not on support. What happened next is all on support. The best practice people immediately send a replacement and ask that the broken unit be returned using the pre-paid box.

I try to buy from your on-line store to help increase your profits.

If I had ordered this from Amazon. They would have shipped me a new one and sent me a return postage flyer to return the broken one. All in probably 2-3 days. This should be the standard of service by Wyze.

Hopefully, you can improve the system. I’m still waiting to use my lock.


Thank you for the background and ticket number! And congratulations for your new home. :slight_smile:

I’m escalating this issue in the support team. From my side, I can see internal notes from our team looking into this situation for you. I am going to request that they provide you an update even if it’s that they’re still trying to figure out why your replacement hasn’t arrived yet.