WYZE "Support" getting even more sucky

My 4th WCO arrived Saturday and I attempted to install it - several times. The event videos are empty and show an Error and a message to call Wyze “support”. I called “support” Monday and went through the troubleshooting with the conclusion the cam had to be replaced (24 minutes wasted). Wyze “support” claimed I would receive an email shortly with replacement instructions. It NEVER arrived.

Called again on Tuesday and Wyze “support” claims there’s no record of a ticket. So, Wyze “support” members must “sewer-hole” support calls when they can’t resolve them to make their success rate look higher. I’ve seen this type of behavior in action at Sirius-XM customer support.

Went through troubleshooting AGAIN with the same result. This time I got a ticket (877947), but no replacement email instructions. And, why do they need you to track down your invoice and snap a picture of your camera label to initiate a return and replace? JHC, I bought directly from their website!

Perhaps for my trouble, they’ll send me a sprinkler controller or a vacuum or a space heater or a headphone or a rice cooker or a …


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Don’t take the pony. Wyze will nag you forever to subscribe to PonyPlus.