Wow support is cra*

Support is just non existent online or on the phone. Can’t carry on like this.:exploding_head::exploding_head::exploding_head:

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I have nothing but great experiences with the Wyze phone support. What issues did you have?


Hi I have had no response to my emails and no response to two phone calls when I spoke to them asking for help. As mentioned I now have spent $150 and have no cameras or any notion of where they are.

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Did you receive a tracking number from Wyze?

Yes. But the issue in a) no response from them. B) they have sent them to the wrong address.

Did you input the wrong address or did Wyze get it mixed up? This seems like an interesting issue.
Again, I’m sorry that you’re experiencing this issue!

Yes. But I would still like an answer to a very simple question why was it sent to a different address than it should have been and why is no one from customer support interested in helping.

Yes to…?

The support team is interested in helping, but there’s a lot of people to help. When you told them your issue, what did they say?

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Hi they haven’t said anything because as I have said they haven’t responded…at all.

What did they say back when you spoke to them?

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Or were you on hold? If so, for how long?

I had a phone call with them and an email giving the persons email, but have heard nothing so I have dealt with it myself.

What did they do with you on the phon call? Try calling them again and tell them that you’re staying on the line until they sort it out.

I’m going to a UK company so won’t have issues.

So you’re not actually looking to resolve issues?


I’ve called twice, spoken to them, emailed numerous times and can’t keep chasing what seems to be a non existent customer services team. What more do I do as a customer that has support every product where possible since the beginning!!!

You’ve said you’ve spoken to them but they haven’t spoken to you. It’s difficult to understand what is really going on.
Our intentions in the forum are to help people that post problems but if all you want to do is complain about WYZE that’s ok too.

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When you call Wyze, what exactly do they tell you? (Exact words if possible)

To break it down
Emailed several times, no answer. Called several times couldn’t get through. Then breakthrough, spoke to a rep she sent me an email and said contact her if I hadn’t heard anything, didn’t hear anything, called again twice, held on for as long as I could, then sent two emails to her asking if she had heard anything, no answer.
So yes I want to moan as this would have been very easy to sort out.
I have this afternoon had someone else email me, so I will see if anything happens. As now until then base stations come back in I have 3 outdoor cameras I can’t use.
A forum set up by members that is specifically about that company and its products, should also be a place that anyone can raise concerns when things like this happen to held them accountable, as when we support the growth of the company as I have done from the beginning, then they have to get the basics right!!!

You did say:

You know Wyze doesn’t support or ship products to the UK right?