Wow support is cra*

It is but our first assumption is that you are looking for help.
It’s ok to rant too. We all do a bit if that. :slightly_smiling_face:
WYZE doesn’t censor our complsints either, other thsn vulgarity, which is cool.

As feared the package has now arrived at the company I didn’t want it to go to and don’t think I can get it…aarrghhh

Just to clarify. Didn’t ask them to ship it to the UK as I mentioned originally.
Didn’t ask them to refund anything, when members here said, Wyze are very good they will sort you out.
I only asked them to ship it to a company within the US.
Haven’t asked for a refund or to send anything back.
Just asking for one simple thing, send it to the address I have asked for and answer emails sent to customer services.
As I thought the customer services have now been in touch. They say, “we understand your package has arrived”, Yes it has, but not to the company I wanted it to go to and now I don’t seem to be able to get the package from them, but I am still trying, that is all I was trying to do.
I hope I will sort it with them or a refund May follow I suppose, from them and not Wyze. :exploding_head:
It will just mean that I will have 3 useless cameras, may have to put them on eBay :disappointed_relieved::rofl::rofl::rofl:

WYZE has proven to be very difficult to communicate with. I see way too many posts about messed up orders.

This is a problem to speak to the receiver about! Not Wyze.

To me it sounds like it was shipped to the wrong address. Not the receiver’s problem.

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Yes your right. It was shipped and I have sorted it with them. Not Wyze’s fault as I have said all along. However to stop me having the same problem/issue, I changed the shipping address that the second package was going to, but it was still sent to the wrong address hence me trying to contact Wyze support to ask why is was sent there as it was their error and no one still has said why. I don’t think I can even be bothered now chasing it up after all this shi*. Hopefully as I said I will receive the second package, but not holding my breath. But still then need to wait to re purchase the base station as I will have $150 worth of cameras that I can’t use. You live n learn as we say over here in Blighty. :grimacing:

Now that’s confusing.:slightly_smiling_face:

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First package was sent by Wyze to other company, other company lost package.
Second package, I tried to stop Wyze from sending it to same said company, Wyze still sent second package to them.
Now awaiting to see if I can get the second package.
Ta da straight forward really. …I’m starting to confuse myself…:rofl:

Still waiting, wonder if they’ll get back to me b4 xmas…:yawning_face:


I think the way this is going I may hear back 2022???:rofl:or beyond.
Located the last package now, just trying to get it shipped, so fingers crossed my useless pack of 3 cameras will turn up for me to stare lovingly at the box, until I can locate a base station. But not holding my breath. May have to swap out all of my cameras for a different brand…:disappointed_relieved: last thing I want to do, supported Wyze since the boss man was singing on YouTube!:crazy_face:

Finally sorted with other company. So should get 3 cameras I can’t use shortly…:yawning_face::grimacing: