No more wyzecam support?

I received a V3 eight days ago, with about a dozen bad pixels (they glow like bright stars in the sky). I’ve tried several ways to contact Wyze Support, with nothing but frustration. First, error codes that referred to another Wyze product. Then, their Support page that first limits your questions and then gives automated responses (“did this answer your question?”), with continuous repeats that obviously don’t see human eyes. Then, through the Support option in the app, I was issued a ticket number, but when sending that number to, I got a formula message telling me to go to the same web address with the automated answers. I then tried again with the ticket number, but got the same response. It appears that they’re so overloaded with complaints that they’re handing it over to the robots. Here is the text of my message to Support: Dear Wyze Support,
Your suggestion of going to your link: is insulting, since I’ve tried it several times, and it takes me in circles without being responsive IN ANY WAY!

This is my fifth attempt at getting help. I have been issued a ticket number: 145942 . There are three issues:
1. My 8-day-old V3 has about a dozen bad pixels and requires repair or replacement.
2. Although I paid for a year of Cam Plus with my order, I’m still getting TRIAL messages, which is irritating.
3. Since initiating Cam Plus on the new V3, the old V2 that I placed in its new location sends notifications that then show NO EVENT in the Event page of the app. I’ve tried everything I can think of. Should I expect this to end when my “TRIAL” expires? Please help.

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I am sorry you are experiencing support issues, I will see if I can get some attention to your ticket, probably wont hear anything until tomorrow at the earliest. If you have not tried calling them you could also try that tomorrow.
WYZE Support

Live support is available:


Monday - Friday 5 am - 6 pm PT

Saturday 8 am - 4 pm PT


Thank you for letting us know. I’ll flag the team for you, @jcw764.

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