Support? Hello?

How in the hell do you create a support ticket? I need to continue to spam support so maybe they finally realize people aren’t happy that their Wyze Cams sent notifications of motion detection caused by a pink flash at power on… for months. Yet you can’t email, you can’t reply to old tickets, the support section of the website directs you to a worthless chatbot that I have spent 5 minutes too long fighting with to see if it will actually put me in touch with someone.

The support hours aren’t listed anywhere on the support webpage, there is no apparent way to contact Wyze for reporting an issue outside of the unpublished hours. Your firmware is a mess. Your support system is a joke. How do you expect to stay in business?

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You can contact them here and it lists the hours they are available

Wyze Support


Thanks. I see that the “contact” link/info is buried several miles below a bunch of useless info on both the main page and the support page. I didn’t even realize it was there.

Even so, unless I’m able to call during the support hours (I’m not), there is still no way to report an issue.

You can use the ‘submit a request’ link on the front page of the support site


After my second try I finally got it to work. I didn’t realize I had to first ignore all of the stuff that it shows me, look at the bottom, ask a question, ignore all of the useless results again, click “no, not helpful” to get to the contact option.
When I saw I had to click “no, not helpful” I gave up and closed the window, as most sane people do.
What would make more sense is actually have a contact support option come up right away instead of telling a chatbot that it wasn’t helpful first. Chatbots are never helpful, I shouldn’t have to tell it that lol

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Use the phone 206-339-9646 or 1 -844-999-3226.

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