How do u get a response from Wyze?

How do you get a response from Wyze?
I’ve sent a couple emails reference a wyze cam I have that has quit working?
I’ve called a couple times, but got automated message.
Thanks, mcc in NC

Did you call during their support business hours? The longest I’ve been on hold has been 19 mins before getting a Wizard (yes I timed).

1 (844) 999-3226 or (206) 339-9646 Available Monday - Friday 5 am - 6 pm PT and Saturday 8 am - 4 pm PT

For the email, did you create a [support ticket]( 9) first?

Without knowing more about your issue, have you tried a firmware flash? I have brought a few cams “back from the dead” by flashing the production firmware on it


In an incredibly anti-customer move, it appears that Wyze has removed any method of contacting support outside of calling during their hours.

Looks like if you talk to the super unhelpful Solvvy chat bot and ask it to go to “order” and “returns” it brings up an e-mail option, which appears to have the old form settings to classify it for support. I went ahead and tried submitting one of those - we’ll see if anyone picks up on the other end.

I’ve heard that the support center is steering folks towards the phone calls and chats now because its faster and gets a better resolution for the users. Hope you get a good resolution for your issue!

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Still no response from wyze ref my cam issue.

I used their online chat function and was connected to a real person who walked me through a few steps and had me send over some screenshots of my issue. When we got to a point where I couldn’t work on the provided solution due to work commitments, the tech emailed me the instructions and asked me to reply to the email after I had gone through the troubleshooting steps they provided. After I replied to their email, they were able to determine that my V2 was faulty and sent me a warranty replacement immediately. I was very satisfied with the help I received. Try the chat, it may help with your situation too.

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Hum, I’ve not tried this, wasn’t familiar with a firmware flash?

Did you get a support ticket number? Can you post it here and I’ll send it up and get it checked on for you.

Its fairly easy. Some problems I ran into for my first flash was I learned:

  • use a 32 gii card or less
  • make sure the filename on the card is “demo.bin”. In windows I guess it had a hidden extensions so I was using “demo.bin.bin” and it wasn’t working. Renamed to just demi.bin and it worked.

Here is the rest of the instructions.

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