Wyze support - No response - Camera DOA

I received a Wyzecam V2 which is DOA. Unit will not recognize QR code no matter what I do. Initially spoke to a phone technician who could not resolve my issue and promised to contact me by email (10 days ago), and I haven’t received a response.

I created ticket #124148 via email 8 days ago and have not received a response.

All of my phone calls end with instructions to call back later followed by disconnecting.

Please Help!


I had a similar issue where a ticket sat stale. Shoot Wyze a message on their Facebook. Whoever they have answering that was very helpful, and apparently went directly to a support team member and had them handle my ticket immediately. I understand getting swamped with help desk calls, so in the event it’s an issue more urgent that a standard queue, this was a welcomed response.

I had the same problem with 1 of the 3 cameras I purchased. After 5 days I got a response back telling me to follow the video tutorial and I responded back within minutes but have not heard back from anyone since then and it has been 2 days. :confused:

I got a response and they are shipping me a replacement. Hopefully you also got a response from someone

I contacted them via Facebook messenger. They replied the next day and shipped a replacement. Not sure why that’s the only form of communication that seemed to work, but my issue was resolved. Thanks for the suggestion!

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