Looking for a tutorial on WYZE and raspberrypi (3) RTSP set up

I’m looking for a guide on setting up a Raspberry Pi (3) to view the RTSP stream from WYZE V2-Cams.

I can fumble my way through Linux but still very much a newb. I know this has been done but not quite sure I’m comfortable doing it without a guide. I could totally do it, But with a full time job and being a dad, My time is valuable. I really enjoy WYZE cams and want to use them to their full potential.

Any takers on making a guide or has someone already put a good one together?

There are setup guides on YouTube from Crosstalk Solutions. Two versions. Watch both. Its been a while, but I set it up after watching the videos using RSTP with one camera on a Pi3B+ with a 3.5 inch touch screen and having the pi autostart on boot to view the video.

That’s good stuff!
Thank you