RTSP of Wyze Cams with Security Spy For MAC - Setup Info!

Hi Wyze Cam users,

For those of you that might be interested.

I use two installs of Security Spy for Mac on my Indigo House Automation Server and My Indigo automation server that supports my Shop.
They are both running on 2014 Mac Mini’s

I Currently Monitor 13 Cameras and record 24/7.
Six of the cameras are recorded on the house server and 7 on the shop sever.

I purchased both A WyzeCamV2 and A WyzeCam Pan V2 a while back to see what they would do.

I have just updated them with the RTSP firmware and have got them working on Security Spy.

I will enclose Screen Captures of my Setups

The setups are technically identical but I tried using port info I gleaned from some of the other setups seen here on the forum and tried on one of the cameras.

It appears with Security Spy (at this time) the port info can be left blank.

One note when viewing my setup I have fixed ip’s for all my devices including these two camera.

I literally have no long term record info to share yet but thought I would get this setup info out to all of you first.

I hope this information helps.



Thanks for sharing this!

Just FYI - you can name your cameras by clicking or double clicking on the name of the camera to change it.

@OMC 25 days in, what the verdict?

Good Morning,

So far Security Spy and this release of Wyze’s Firmware appear to be playing well together with the configuration I had listed in my previous post.

When taking video I have captured from the Wyze Cam Pan via Security Spy and bringing it in to FCPX I do see an occasional dropped frame and of course a fair share of Pixilation of objects in the video that are not up close in the frame.

I started with just one Wyze Cam V2 and on Wyze Cam Pan while I waited for the RTSP to go live.

Just a couple of days ago while shopping at Home Depot I saw they had The Wyze Cam V2 with a 32gb card available so I picked up 3 more to add to my install,

On a side note:
I have recently visited Security Spy’s Forum and saw some additional information using RTSP TCP successfully.
I have setup a couple of mine using this protocol and will see what happens.
here is a link to this information.

Also I see here on this forum I have read some discussion of RTSP vs UDP.

It looks like posting # 659 / May 21st is where this is discussed.


Thanks for this great info. Using your instructions, I was able to add my Wyzecam to SS on my Mac
That being said, is it possible to add a camera to SS that I have set up at my elderly mother’s apartment (a few miles away), so that I can keep an eye on her?

Hi there,

Glad to see you got Security Spy to work for you.

Regarding the camera at you mom’s unfortunately I don’t think there is a way to do that remotely.

I believe all cameras need to be within your local network to be added to your security spy install.

So for now I believe you will have to continue to use the Wyze software to see that camera.


Thanks, I appreciate you answering my question. Perhaps Wyze might eventually make a desktop app.

Here’s hoping!

I’m not entirely sure, but I think you can get a dynamic DNS setup from dyn.com (paid) or free open source from https://support.opendns.com/hc/en-us/articles/227987787 … this way your IP changes and you can setup your router to point to different cameras.