Noticed a delay over time with the new V4

So I’m trying out the new V4. I really like the color, HDR, and contrast.
However, I noticed a problem that most people that only periodically check the live feed would never notice. I have one of my cameras that displays using the app 24/7 on two wall mounted iPad Air 3’s. When I first go to live view, it works great for a while, but over the course of time (hours or the day) the live feed develops a delay.

For example, in the morning I reset the live feed and there was no delay, but by afternoon, there was a delay of around six seconds. In other words as my I heard my wife come in the door and looked up at the display on the wall, it showed her still walking up the walkway to the steps that lead to the door, even though she was already inside.

A second problem I noticed is that if I have it on 2K, all is smooth, including flags waving in the wind, but often when a person walks up to the camera, it freezes/skips. It’s acting like the added process of person detection with cam plus uses up more resources. Maybe because there’s less memory on the device? It doesn’t freeze in HD mode, just 2k.

My V3 Pro doesn’t do this in 2k.

For now, I took down the V4 and put back the V3 because the delay bugs me too much. It would be fine in one of my other spots that don’t display 24/7.

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Wyse is working on an issue. Could be a bad time to run tests.

Just wanted to chime in here that I confirm having experienced this issue.

This also used to happen to me with the V3Pro, but I haven’t checked recently, so it could be resolved on that one since ranm64 says it’s not happening to him with the V3Pro now. This gives me hope that a similar correction can take place for the V4.

One thing you might want to check, raym64, and see if you can confirm this too, but I believe that the longer it streams you may notice the video and audio out of sync more too. The next time you get this to happen, try to have someone go make movement and noise at the same time and see if one happens sooner than the other on the live stream. IIRC I think the sound happened way sooner than the video, indicating that the frames were not playing at EXACTLY the same rate they are being recorded/observed for the live stream, leading to slightly increased delay over time for the video, but not the audio.

I’ll have to check the pro again for delay build up by displaying that one for the day. I already switched that camera back to a V3, but I can use my regular non-mounted iPad and see what happens. Good idea to check the audio also, I aways leave the volume turned down all the way on the wall displays, so I never noticed.

One note on the standard V3 as a comparison, it’s been running since coming back after the service interruption yesterday and I’ve been watching as people are arriving this morning. It only has the expected 1/2 second or so delay.

Edited to add: I remember the Pro having delay build up, but I don’t remember how much it was. With the Pro, it doesn’t freeze up and skip while a person walks up to it, but Now I’m wondering if it’s because the freezing/skipping is related to the delay in the V4

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Just to let you know, I did some testing on my V3 Pro to check for delay, etc, since I don’t display that one for long periods normally. Right after you posted this morning, I started running a continuous feed of my V3 Pro on another iPad. As of now after running all day, I’m only seeing the standard and acceptable delay of maybe 1 second, same as my regular V3’s By now, the V4 would have shown the longer delay.

I also did some movement/person detection and in 2K, while it lost some smoothness as a person walked through the field, it didn’t freeze or studder like I was seeing with the V4 while in 2K.

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Thanks for the follow-up, that is really encouraging that it is resolved for that model. Which means they should be able to do the same thing for the V4 once they realize it’s happening sometimes. I appreciate you taking the time to test and verify that.