Multi-Camera DIsplay?

Does anyone know of a way to view multiple cameras (streaming) on a single monitor/computer? I would like to able to view the ones outdoor in one location (think building security monitors). I have a spare Chromebook that I would like to use for this purpose.

For Outdoor V3 cams, if you have Cam Plus on them then you can use the Webview feature that is currently in beta testing:

If you are talking about viewing multiple Wyze Cam Outdoor devices (the battery-operated ones), then you can install an android emulator on your computer, install the Wyze app on it, put all those cams in a group and watch 4 of them at a time. (or install Tiny cam on it, link your Wyze account and view them all at the same time through that)

You can also use Tiny Cam Pro. Add in the cams you want, set one of your android devices connected to the WiFi to act as a server, then on your computer you can use a browser to connect to the tinycam server and view the Wyze cams through that.

Is it as easy as that? Down loading/linking/ add the wyze app, etc. It doesn’t sound like it? Not talking about the beta test option.

I have multiple V3 cams outside. Not referring to outdoor mobile type

It has been fairly straightforward for me.

Something a lot of people like to do, is install an Android emulator like Bluestacks on their computer

Then you basically have an android phone on your computer. Since you already know how to use a phone, this makes it fairly easy to understand what to do. Once you open the Bluestacks program on your computer, just find and open Google Play and then go download the Wyze app onto it, and you can view everything through there just like on your phone.

Tiny Cam is a little more complicated, but it has a free version you can download, so you can see how easy it is for you to understand it. Here is an older walkthrough someone made for it:

Definitely a little more complicated to do that way though.

Huh, I never thought of running an entire Android emulator full time as less complicated than running a little Android app on a tablet or phone, but I guess it’s up to each person.

Gotcha now. I’m not savvy in all the tech side of computers so it was sounding “involved” to me.

Since a chromebook is basically an android (from what I’ve read/heard) it shouldn’t be too complicated.

Thanks for the details.


I guess it depends on what one means by less complicated.

Setting up each camera in Tiny Cam, setting it up as a server and then connecting to it through the computer has a lot more steps to it than installing an emulator and installing the Wyze App on that.

But it sounds like the emulator idea isn’t viable in this case anyway since it’s a Chromebook.

Since they now support IP cam functionality through RTSC, can’t you use any home security software or cam software like CamStudio - no need for the Wyze app, etc as you are consuming the raw feed? This seems a killer feature at the price-point to me if I understood it right.

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Too deep for me :). Hopefully someone else can answer that.

It’s true (as long as the RTSP camera continues to phone home for housekeeping). But it’s also true that you can skip using the Wyze app without RTSP just by using stuff like TinyCam or the Docker Bridge project.

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