Multiview Monitor for Businesses (Live Feed)

I have Wyze at my business and it’s slowly replacing my old DVR security system (9 cameras). That camera system is attached to a DVR that has an output to a monitor where I can view live feeds from all cameras at once.

It’s a fairly big place and being able to see where everyone is, which doors are open, where the dog is, etc. is really great.

Wyze is great but having the ability to see all my cams in one multiview screen would be paramount. Perhaps it could be sold as a small tabletop device with an HDMI out that one could plug into a monitor to view live feeds?

A lot of these already exist. This one is 39 bucks.

Be aware that Wyze has no direct form of DVR support.

Other option is to flash the cameras for RTSP and use any one of many multi camera RTSP capable software packages. For example, I use Blue Iris.


So with this device, I’d be able to see all my Wyze cams in one Multi-View layout on screen? Like so:


“Flash the cameras” … no sure what this means :frowning:

Wyze has alternate (RTSP) firmware for the V2 and Pan Cams that allow you to use the cameras with other software. Firmware is flashed to the cameras.

You could also use tinyCam Pro Android app to view multiple cameras.

Sort of, except I believe the Wyze app can only show 4 cameras at a time, and you need to scroll to see other cameras in the group. TinyCam is more flexible and you can get closer to what you described. Both are Android apps and both can do this without the special RTSP firmware. These are the ONLY apps that work with the regular Wyze camera firmware.

But if you do flash the RTSP firmware on models V2 or Pan Cam, you will be able to use almost any security camera software and almost any DVR, possibly including your existing one.

The “device” I linked is simply an Android device, much like a phone, that has HDMI output for your monitor. You would install the Wyze app on it.

Copy that.

Thanks for the info.

Unfortunately, I don’t have any Android devices … I have iPhones/iPads/Macs at my business.

I’ll keep researching some ways to get multi-view with my Wyze cams.

In my case I have tinyCam on a device like this.
tinyCam can also run as a web server allowing you to view cameras from any browser.
It’s not perfect. Since tinyCam has to connect to the Wyze server to access your cameras it’s drops the signal once in a while but only for a few seconds.

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How is that a problem? You don’t NEED any. Just the single one I’m suggesting. It exactly fills your original request all on its own. (“small tabletop device with an HDMI out that one could plug into a monitor to view live feeds”)

You put the Wyze app on it. Done.

Can the V3’s be flashed with RTSP?

Not yet. They’ve been promising it. No ETA.

I should add that I’m not recommending that particular model of Android-box-with-HDMI. I’ve never used it. As I said, there are a lot of this sort of thing on the market.

Not yet. It’s supposed to be coming.

As far as I know we have covered all possible methods.
Like @Customer said, you don’t have to currently own Android devices to buy an Android device.
I’ve read that newer Mac OS versions will run App Store apps. I’m not familiar with Apple at all so not sure what you need.

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Not actually the OS so much as the M1 processor. It would be a little excessive to dedicate a $700+ device to this purpose but whatever floats a boat.

Another option, which I haven’t tried yet, is to use Tinycam on the fire stick. There, you can see multiple cameras. I haven’t yet tried it but read about it here or on reddit.

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He said his office was all Apple. I thought he may already have the required hardware.

I do that. It works well for 1 camera at a time. 8 at a time isn’t great. I think if all cameras were using RTSP it would be ok.

As do I. 4 at a time looks fine. Probably better on a 4K set.