How to use your wyze v2 and Cam Pan with Netcam Studio v1.9.2.0 2021

This Tip is for experienced users that have already installed Netcam Studio server and client v1.9.2.0

Install firmware at your own risk. Only do this if you don’t want any of the cam plus features like face detection and all that.

I only want a cheap security cam system that gives me ok quality without any of the bells and whistles. If you want HD quality, You need to have a GREAT wifi setup. I use two routers. One (in bridge mode) for the cameras and another for all of my great smart home devices from wyze :smiley:

If you have not already installed the free version

Follow the instructions for installing wyze v2 and cam pan firmware here:

I currently have Windows server 2012 r2 Essentials
(all updated from today)

Once you have updated your firmware, you are connected to the internet and you have verified your camera is working (In the fully updated wyze app), Do the following in your camera settings (Instructions are the same for both cameras):

On your Wyze App

  1. Go to settings>Advanced Settings:
  2. Make sure Timestamp is on (This is important to see if your camera is frozen)
  3. RTSP On > Go to settings and generate a rtsp link>copy link (This will be used to paste into NetCam Studio Later)
  4. Leave the rest to your liking
  5. Repeat the above for each of your cameras

For the stream resolution, I use 360p. From trial and error I found out the higher the resolution, the more the cameras freeze up. If you have a lot of cameras (I have four) you need to adjust your resolution accordingly.

On Netcam Studio Client or Server

  1. Click on Add Source
  2. Go to Custom URL
  3. Select RTSP_UDP (TCP Tries to correct the stream where UDP does not. I reduce the times the camera freezes up by using UDP)
  4. Paste the rtsp link from above, camera app settings, into Address: field.
  5. Max Framerate: 0
  6. Output Resolution: Native
  7. Orientation: Default
  8. Click the Checkmark

Now go to configure features for your camera

  1. Enable Motion Detection Only (This is how I do it. You can choose what you want)
  2. Motion Algorithm: Frame Difference
  3. Motion Display: Area
  4. Set up your Detection Zones by click edit
  5. Motion Sensibility: Normal
  6. Signal Bar Position: Hidden
  7. Threshold: 0
  8. Frame Interval: 300 ms (You might need to adjust so trees and bugs don’t trigger You Motion)
  9. Trig Duration: 10 sec

Set up your NetCam server the way your server is configured. The higher end server you have, The more Quality you can acheive.

  • I use the Nvidia Encoding engine for GPU/acceleration
  • I have a Xeon CPU with 4 cores and 8 Logical Processors
  • I have 16GB of ram
  • I do use the server for other things (Like backing up all of my computers)

So far this setup has been working well for years :slightly_smiling_face:

I hope this has helped you. Please vote.

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I would also like to add:
If your cameras freeze a lot, you can create an applet using IFTTT

Just do the following

  1. Create a free account if you have not done that already.
  2. Connect your wyze account
  3. Create an applet (you get 3 free ones)
  4. Use “IF Every day at”
  5. Then wyze connection, "Restart Device

For Example:

Wyze :clock1:
If Every day at 04:00 AM, then restart Pan Cam

Doing this has fixed any freezing problems with the V2 or Pan Cam for RTSP connection with NetCam studios.