Wyze Cam Pan - Won't connect to live stream

Yesterday, my Cam Pan stopped working with the beta web view live stream. I get it’s in beta, so this isn’t really a complaint. Just trying to see if anyone else is having the issue.

When I hit the play button for my Cam Pan on the view.wyze.com site, the loading screen just spins and never connects. None of my other cams seem to be having any issues. This is happening on multiple browsers and PCs, so I doubt it’s an isolated incident.

Anyone else?

Hi @wrangler3383 My Pan Cam is working OK on beta app v2.28.0. You might try a power up reboot on the Pan Cam. Last night all my Wyze bulbs went on 11 pm Pacific for no reason; may have been some glitch in the servers.

Same issues here. My 2 CamPan’s do the same thing. Other Cameras load fine. This just started happening