Can't Connect to Live Stream of Wyze Cam & Pan, but Camera is Uploading Events

The camera was not being particularly responsive to Live Stream last week, but it let me do the latest firmware update at the time, and all seemed well after that. It took a three-foot fall last night, It looks fine, but I can’t connect to it via Live Stream now. It is registering events fine and uploading video, and if you reboot it, the Live Stream thumbnail will be up-to-date. If you try to connect via Live Stream, however, it tries to connect and then times out with no error code, just a message that says “Connection failed. Please try: 1. Force close app and retry. 2. Power cycle the camera.” I’ve done both multiple times to no avail.

I’ve reset the camera and went through the setup procedure with no issues. I have two other cameras that aren’t having any issues with Live Stream. I suppose the fall could have actually damaged something internally, but I’d like to try everything possible before replacing it. Any ideas?

If it is uploading events and you could do the firmware update, it is obviously connected to the WiFi. HOWEVER, I have seen the live stream issue that you reported when there was a crappy connection.

The camera is about eight feet from the Wi-Fi access point (which has been rebooted), so I don’t see how it could be a bad connection. The other cameras are are from it and they’re connecting fine.

During my screwing around with this, I updated the firmware on my Wyze Cam 2. Now that also will no longer connect through Live Stream, though it’s happy to upload events. Yay. I’m going to try to reinstall the firmware on both cameras from an SD card tomorrow after I get one.

Fixed it. Apparently there was an update for the phone app, which I installed and now all is well. I don’t know why today was the day it suddenly mattered, but I’m happy it’s resolved.

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Glad to hear it’s working…

Having the same issues as above at first… had older wyze cameras and worked fine could stream etc but just plugged in and installed new W3 and OG cameras and they are showing events like pictures etc but I can’t view live bc it says connection issues… never had any issues with my old cameras I pay for business type high speed internet and I can’t view live stream and mess with setting. All updates actually update and even deleted the app redownloaded it etc nothing has helped…

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Cameras are still not connecting as of 0205 hrs PST