V1 pan cam will not updat or connect to wyze server

I have been trying for years to update my camera v1 pan cam, 8 of them and they won’t. I have created tickets and no responses. Are these cameras no good anymore or what? I can install them, and see but can do nothing else. Have tried all the tricks. My other non-Wyze cams work great. Any help would be appreciated.

What actual firmware versions are on the 8 V1 pan cams now? Do you get an error message or how do you know it’s not working? Have you tried doing a manual firmware flash on any of these to update to the latest firmware? What actual app version are you using?

Did you create app LOGS, or did you create Support TICKETS? Can you provide their numbers here?

Thanks for answering. I no longer have ticket numbers as it was last year when I did the last one. I’m not at home, once I am back, I’ll load up a cam and get the info. All the cams used to work and several years ago, they all stopped. I have done every reset going. Now and then I try them all but they won’t connect to the servers. Anyhow I’ll get the info later. Thanks.

I have two of the original Pan cameras. They updated not all that long ago. Working fine as far as I can tell.

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Here is the info. I did a screenshot. Tried to update but it failed again. Anything that requires the server seems to error out.

What about them stopped? If you can access the camera to attempts a over-the-air firmware upgrade, you can still connect to it. Does live stream still work from the cameras?

I asked above but I do not see an answer, have you tried a manual firmware flash on the camera in attempt to upgrade the firmware?

Yes, I can see them locally but anything that requires it to go to the server it ain’t happening. No, I have not tried a manual update as I haven’t noticed any instructions for doing so. I used to be able to connect to them no matter where I was but as I said, they all stopped connecting to the server. I wanted them to check my home when away but can’t. Getting ready to toss them in the trash.