Wyze Cam Pan Update Failure

Wyze Cam Pan v1 last installed firmware version is All attempts to update firmware have failed. The updating gears in the app do not turn as they do normally when updating although the app states updating is in progress. My attempts to flash update have also failed with several attempts. The camera is working with panning/tilting and video features. I can complete the setup process without issue which happens after a flash update attempt. I appear to have a functioning bricked cam pan.

Any help or assistance from the forum community will be greatly appreciated. I am almost attempted to just buy a new cam pan v3 since I already have one.

After attempting to flash the Firmware, did you do a full factory reset of the cam?

Have you attempted the Firmware update thru the Account → Firmware Update page?

No, I did not do a factory reset after attempting the flash. I did a factory update previously. Interestingly, the firmware in the camera keeps coming up as regardless of reset or flashing.

It is the app Account > firmware update page where the failures are occurring and the updating gears are motionless (abnormal) but the page displays updating in progress. I stay on the page until the process is completed and the failure message appears.

Correction. I have done both, Updating from the camera’s firmware and the Account > Firmware Update page with same failed results. It’s the camera’s specific firmware page where the gears appear and are motionless during the process. I know the updating will fail because of the prolonged time span of the cycle, considerably longer than usual, followed by phone screen going black with the failed message appearing when the screen is reopened.

It seems like the cam has an incomplete update download that has not been executed and isn’t allowing for another update or flash. This may need to be purged before retrying.

My next step would be to do a factory reset and new setup (don’t delete from the app). Then I would again attempt the firmware update. If it fails again, I would factory reset again and try a flash update prior to any reinstall. I am always careful to only use a high quality name brand 32GB SD Card that has been freshly formatted.

The Cam Pan & Scan v2 is so much better than the cam pan & scan v1. Once you have one you’ll never go back. The v3 is even better. I’ve been replacing my v1 devices 2 at a time when they go on sale - anything is better than the v1. That’s my 2 cents. I don’t work for wyze and have been a long time early adopter. Also have some Ring devices which are crap compared to the v2 or v3, so replacing those. My 2 cents. If you can afford it, just do it - not later, now.

I have both the PanV1 and PanV3. I would not recommend the PanV3 at this time. There are far too many unanswered issues with the hardware and firmware to deem it reliable or better.

I purchased the Pan v3, OG and OG Telephoto together recently. No issues yet with all 3 in use. I passed on the Pan v2 as I had 2 Pan v1’s.

Thank you WwD. Have never been interested in or considered Ring.

Should the firmware update be the most recent available or should I go back in time to a legacy firmware update?

That’s up to you. If your goal is to update the FW, I wouldn’t want to flash it twice. I would go for the most up to date download first. If it works you are done. If not, then you can try a previous version after another factory reset.

SlabSlayer, thank you. What I am concluding from everything I have done, based on the results I am seeing, my pan v1 is not factory resetting. The led is not flashing the color it should, goes straight to yellow and then to setup mode. Even when attempting to flash, it goes into setup. To me, that explains why regardless of what I have done, the firmware in the camera continues to be I’m more convinced now that I have a bricked but functioning pan v1. Resets and flashings are futile.

Hey @SlabSlayer - notice I said CPSv2 is better, and the cam v3 (not WCPv3) is better. I do not own a WCPv3 yet - reading about those complains now before I upgrade.

Hey @fmills1d - I also have had trouble rolling back firmware updates and doing a full ‘factory reset’ on my wyze cams. I just wait until I get the notification that my devices need a firmware update - about 2-4 weeks apart - then I update them and viola they start working again. Had this happen 2-3 times over the past 4-5 years - I have a lot of Wyze devices, however.

Hey @WorldwideDave - At this point I am about 22 devices into my Wyze infrastructure. I’ve had 1 cam v3 failure that was replaced by Wyze and now my current pan v1 firmware update issue. Waiting for update notifications has not worked as the current firmware is 2021 dated and the camera refuses and fails all update attempts. Now appears to not factory reset and long past replacement warranty.

Ditch it for a WCPv2 device. Not sure how many of those WCPv1 you have of those 22 devices. I have 6 of them, just gave 5 away, and deciding on WCPv2 vs. WCPv3 – so many negative reviews about the WCPv3.

I do love the Cam v3 – non pan/zoom – and the Cam OG – trying to decide if I even want pan and zoom anymore.

My application is this: I own several investment properties around the world. When I leave town, I plug in the WCPv2 devices that I put in the middle of the rooms facing up towards the windows. That way if I get a hurricane/tropical storm warning, I have eyes on the glass to see if it shatters and I need to fly in and begin repairs. Also if a storm or burglar comes into a window – not likely as I’m high up – I will catch and record them in the act.

I am more concerned about a neighbor repelling down onto balconies to burglarize than I am outside criminals. Just trying to monitor what I have when I’m not in the country. I travel a lot, and have so many security cameras to protect my places while I’m not there. So far the only thing major I’ve caught is a person showing up drunk at 3 AM and smashing their car into the security gate outside. It was a neighbor. They fixed it. For a while they tried to say they didn’t know who did it – they were drunk – but the footage I provided showed them that they were at fault. That and the front bumper of their black car covered in white paint that they threw in the dumpster to hide the evidence of.

2 WCPv1’s and 1 WCPv3. Don’t need any more than that. Probably going for a second WCPv3 to replace the faulty WCPv1 since the price is still much better than the WCPv2. Several WCv3’s in my collection. 3 WCOv1’s in use and 1 as a spare to rotate out when I need to recharge one. I use WCv2’s for inside surveillance when needed. WCv3’s are deployed for external surveillance with cam plus.