V3 Pan Cam not updating F/W?

I received the 4 replacement cameras sent from Wyze albeit, I have the same problem. None of these will update firmware. Soon as I complete installation they switch to mandatory firmware update mode. Update attempts end “Update Failed” continuously" I have tried setup on three different networks. A neighbors network, my Aunt’s and ours here at home. Manual flash Pan V3 does not work. I’m using firmware or with a freshly long formatted Wyze 32gb sd. I install and reinstalled these 10’ from the router, have used different power sources, reset our router and followed all Wyze prescribed protocols to a T. I’ve scoured forums for a solution. We have a V3 that works perfectly. We have updated Wyze apps, Apple iPhones and use the 2g network for the cams.

What next?

Three longshots for you, but worth a shot.

Install the cams. When the firmware update appears after install, close the app.

  1. Open the app and go to the Account tab. Do not open the cam. In the account tab, click Firmware Update. Find the cam you just installed. It should be showing at the top with an update available. Click update and wait.

  2. Become a Beta Tester. Repeat option #1 and see if it will offer up the Beta firmware for install.

  3. If you are trying to flash the firmware, do a full factory reset prior to unplugging and inserting the newly formatted cards w\ the .bin copied to it.