Firmware update crashed my pan camera (UPDATE)

Wyze app came up with update today for my pan cam and at 99% done it crashed my camera. I can only get an yellow light on it and will not connect. error code 90 tried power cycle as screen said to do but no luck camera is dead. Worked with support and now waiting for replacement response.

Wyze emailed me that they will not be replacing the camera since it is out of warranty! Camera was working just fine and I was in the app when I clicked on my Pan camera and pop up firmware update available, I click to update as I always keep the products up to date and It started just fine. When it got to the updating end camera went to solid yellow light and is dead! Wyze support had me jumping thru hoops doing everything under the sun to revive the camera with no luck then just a sorry Charley your screwed your camera is out of warranty period. I won’t be buying anything else from Wyze and would love to throw out all my other products out but might as well just wait as they don’t hold up and will fail soon enough. I put up with the band shipping screw up the never worked lock auto unlock, failed spotlight cable etc. NO MORE WYZE for me :slight_smile:

Mine seems to have done the same thing on the same update version. I was able to fix mine via the manual firmware flash to and it seems to be working fine again. The Cam Pan seems to be overall more problematic and buggy for me than just their regular Cam which I have a bunch of.