Connection problem

I keep getting the following error message and have to keep rebooting my Wyze Cam Pan. I don’t have any issues with any other devices or cameras on my network. It’ll work for a while and then stop responding.

Anyone have any ideas?

This is the other error that occurs often.




I started seeing the same thing this past week. Nothing has changed with my network and all other Wyze cams are working properly.


Same issue here

This seems to be the issue. I put a generic micro USB cable in and the issue is resolved. I will monitor it and see if it is a permanent fix. I think they may have a bad batch of cables.

Mine is doing the same thing. 13 days old. DEAD :frowning: I changed cables (used the cables from my two other WyzeCam’s). No joy. The Wyze Cam Pan just isn’t the same quality as the Wyze Cam. No response from Wyze support either.


Mine is going back.

My Wyze Cam Pan won’t connect to my wifi now. I did a firmware update and now nothing. Tried everything. I have two wyze cam’s currently up and running with no issues. Any help would be appreciated.


Mine keeps dropping the connections after an hour or so. Submitted a ticket to tech support and have not heard bac.