Wyze cam pan error code 90

After two years not having any issues with my Wyze cam pan, the camera started saying error code 90 and would not connect. I did figure out the micro usb cable connected to the wyze cam pan went bad but that doesn’t explain why it won’t connect anymore. I updated my router, deleted wyze app and reinstalled it. It will turn on. I can go through the set up process and when it gets to scan the QR code, It will say QR code scanned, please wait. I will click next and after about 10 seconds it will say, “connection code has timed out. Rescan!” Anybody know the solution to this problem?
I did buy another Wyze cam pan and didn’t have any issues connecting with that camera.

Does it have a SD card installed?
If so remove SD card and try, sometimes SD cards become corrupted and cause connection issues…

I did remove the SD card and that didn’t fix the issue. I ruled out the SD card when that SD card works fine in the new wyze cam pan. Hopefully somebody on this forum has the solution!

One thing you can try is to Factory Reset your cam. This will return it to factory settings and let you start from scratch.
If that fails I would suggest you contact Wyze Support or call and talk to them.
Monday - Friday 4 am - 8 pm PT
Saturday 8 am - 4 pm PT

Detail what you have already tried up front to save time. If they can’t help and you are still under warranty they should replace it.
I have had good luck using the phone contact method. Response time was fast and people were sharp.

I have contacted wyze support yesterday and they recommended me doing a factory reset. Sadly, after I did the factory reset, that’s when I have the issue not connecting after scanning the QR code. Its really frustrating when the camera turns on but will not connect anymore. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Sounds like you just may have a bad cam. Before giving up I would try Manually Flashing the Firmware to the current release and possibly one or two earlier just to see if that might help.
I would also try a new Pan cable and power adapter. Don’t forget the Pan takes a 2 amp cable and supply. Although it will work on 1a it can cause some problems. Could be you are getting some voltage drop.
At this point….