Power went down in my house, cant get wyze cam pan to reconnect , any tips?

Power went down in my house breifly, wyze cam pan started flashing red and blue, i unplugged it and replugged it in and now it is flashing red, i tried to “add new device” but the light wont turn yellow, it will say " ready to connect" but wont scan the QR code. I attempted a factory reset (holding setup button for 10 seconds) but nothing changed. Im stuck and dont know what else to do, please help!

I have had a similar issue, not with a panning cam however so this may not work for you.

If you have a camera with a bridge in it (that square thing that plugs in the back of the cam via USB) remove that then reset the camera and then reset the bridge and reconnect everything.

After I did that, subsequent power outages did not affect the devices after power and WIFI was restored.

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You can try to reboot the router. There’s an issue I’ve seen where the cam needs something like that to get it to stop mangling itself.

Also, a manual firmware flash should always work unless the hardware was damaged or its software for loading the firmware.

I understand some people just can’t figure it out. But, no power itself shouldn’t be what’s going on here as it was shipped to you without power :slight_smile:

I had code 90 first, wonzt reconnect. my v2
rebooted my router, modem
turned off airtime fairness, qos, firewall etc
I reset device delete from app.
no dice … just cannot re-add the device

always connection time out after qr code scan.

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After manual flash 1002 latest firmware.
still cannot connect. connection timeoit during setup.

I am having pretty much the same issue. Error code 90 on Cam-V1. Tried resetting the router, and Flashing the latest firmware. Old firmware is not available. A chain of emails to and fro with the support but still no luck. The camera connects to the router and gets an IP. Upon calling customer support was advised that a few customers are facing the issue. It is the servers that are having an issue. Customer support advised that they had no plan on turning some servers on. Not sure what that means. I have in total 6 Wyze cam V1 cameras at my home. 3 of them are operational and 3 of them are offline. I had quite a bit of faith in the product and the company but seems like the organization is losing it’s track.

If you hold down the reset button for 15 seconds and then it should bring the app to add device as if u are starting over. Add the device, go thru the steps all of ur info will restore so dont worry about losing anything. It should work fine after that.