Pan Cam inop after latest update or adding Cam Plus

After the recent cam and app updates, one of my pan cams is dead. It still worked right after updating but then I found the new Cam Plus feature which seems to have replaced the Complete Motion Capture so I turned that on for one of my V2 cams and noticed I wasn’t getting any videos from that camera. It would say there is motion recorded but then the video would never load. So I switched the Cam Plus subscription to my Pan Cam and it seemed to work at first but then the cam took a crap. Now even after changing the Cam Plus subscription to another camera, I still cant get that pan cam to connect. When power cycling the light turns yellow and then clicks/power cycles every so often and repeats that forever.

Has anyone else had any issues with either the new camera updates or the Cam Plus subscription bricking their cameras?

My pancam has gone nuts following this update…constant detections of nothing…videos of camera moving all over searching and end up pointed at walls etc. I have disabled all motion/person sensing and will just focus on the outdoor cam and patiently wait for an improved firmware…this one is my first bad one.

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For the beta app/firmware, please submit the camera log through the app. That would be the place to start.

I did do that but it was my first time submitting a log so I’m not sure if I was supposed to hear anything back or what. I submitted it a few days ago but that was that.

Sorry to hear about this! I’ll tell the team. You may be able to fix this issue but flashing the firmware to a previous version.

Thanks Gwendolyn. Luckily I’ve bought a lot of cams over the past couple years so I swapped it out with another one for now, so I’m not sitting without a working camera where I need one. But I’ll have to try flashing the firmware when I get a chance. I think I did that in the past on one of my other cameras but don’t remember where I found the firmware.

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You’re welcome! Glad you had a backup device. You can get copies of our publicly released firmware from the Release Notes page:

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Things seem to be back to normal on pancam following the latest firmware push :slight_smile:

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Thank you, all back in business now! I ended up having to buy a new SD card as the 3 I had previously in my cams are all corrupt now somehow. After spending hours trying every method known to format them, I finally gave up and bought a new one to put the firmware on and after flashing my Pan Cam, its back up and running like normal again.

Well, dang! Sorry to hear about the other microSD cards. Glad it’s up and running again now, though! :slight_smile:

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