Web View Problems with Cam v3

I’ve been playing with web view and it was working fine. I have two cameras… Cam v3 and Cam Pan both subscribe to the Cam Plus service.

I’ve been able to view both cameras on Web View for the past couple of days.

Today, the Cam v3 is not connecting to Web View. Only indication is the wait icon is doing it’s thing. I click on it and nothing happens.

Cam V3 Firmware version

Web browser Firefox. I can see the Cam Pan on Web View

I can see live views from both cameras on the Wyze App.

I also noticed that I needed to log into Web View several times today. I suspect there have been changes to the website view.wyze.com.


I tried to logout and log back in and the problem still exists. I cleared the browser cache for wyze.com and the problem still exists.