Wyze Web View in perpetual beta?

When is Wyze Web View going to be out of beta? Or is Wyze planning to have it in perpetual beta? It really is getting ridiculous! So much so that I’m converting all my Wyze cams to those from Ring which, by the way, has a superbly designed web UI.

Another big annoyance is Captcha. A pain in the ass!


I continue to have problems with Waze Web view. Have 6 cam subscription however can only get 5 cameras 90% of the time. Don’t know why but it varies what camera will actually show in the view. My 7th camera will never connect it is an outdoor V1 camera hooked up to a solar panel. It shows when viewed by it self but not on web view anytime.
Very frustrating, support folks do to seem to know why either. The Web view is a great idea
however it seems to be constantly hindered with problems that cannot be addressed. I know it must be frustrating for the web engineers working on it, but maybe it ought to be taken down until more of the bugs can be alleviated. Thanks.

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Web view only works about 3-5 minutes for me then freezes, which is actually worse than not working at all. I have tried to monitor the entry to our house with web view and after noticing people at my front door, the camera was frozen in time so it looked like nobody was there. Very frustrating and it’s nit my internet. Wyze App works fine connected to same internet.
Come on Wyze, get this working.

I am not having that issue. I streamed my Garage cam using a PixelBook and the Chrome browser. Did not have any issues at all.

I streamed the garage all day 8+ hours straight

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Well, it certainly does NOT work under Safari.

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Good to know. Can you test using Chrome and I will test using Safari to see the differences

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I did just try Brave, which is chrome without all the spyware. Seems to work fine. It has worked for over 30 minutes which is longer than it ever worked in Safari


Thanks, have not tested on Safari for mine. I know there was an issue with Firefox, but not Safari. Will check for that as well

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Same here. Never know which camera will display. I have to refresh the page and hope all 3 cameras connect.

Now tonight I am getting a message that says Camplus is required on all three cameras. Yeah, I have had that for the last several years.

It’s a fiasco. I also have issues where I’m suddenly sent back to the login page. I get messages that there was a re-captcha error and I have to check the box again. Have tried various browsers, same issues.

And a paid subscription is required for the BETA? Ridiculous. I won’t even bother with tech support, it’s useless.

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