Wyze Web View Down? Gone?

Anyone having issues with accessing your cameras on wyze.com/live?

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Try view.wyze.com/live


On my PC I when I click on the camera I want to stream I just keep the circle going round & round

Try the Chrome browser

Seems to me since the AWS issue, None of my Wyze cams work reliably anymore. I click live view and it freezes, jumps time, doesn’t load, etc etc. Sad.

It worked for me weeks ago, just found the link again and I just get the ever turning circles, too!!!

Same here. WYZE is taking us all on an emotional rollercoaster.

We’ve been asking for this functionality for years. They put something out there that many customers get behind and are excited about. It works relatively well up until they officially announce it to the world. Since that moment in time, the service has been spotty at best and down for the past month.

I am a new user as of a week ago, and I have found Wyze web view a completely frustrating experience.

I see it was first released in Nov 2018, and it is in my opinion not usable for daily use.

It constantly logs you out, requiring you to go through the whole 2-factor login and then fails to connect half the time. Not having any history with the program, I don’t know if it was better in the past?

The Android app functions quite well, but when I am at home, looking at the camera view on my phone instead of the monitor on my desktop makes no sense.

I am not new to computers and have set up some fairly complicated systems, but this program just baffles me. Why is it so bad??

I gt the impression Wyze don’t want to support this feature, so they don’t give it the attention it needs.

Not feeling the love, and probably my Wyze experiment will come to an end soon.

I am still in my return window, so I will see if I can find something to serve my purposes without raising my blood pressure so much. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Too bad, the hardware is very capable for the money.

Sorry for the rant, but if you don’t speak up, the company will not know why they are losing customers.

Return everything and go another direction. I’m 4 years in and it is too late for me.

Wow, 4 years! That is a lot of frustration. You must be very patient.

I have some time left on the return window, so I need to start researching again.


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nevermind message below, i rebooted the two problem cams, and now all three cams connected fairly quickly, like within 5 seconds :grinning:

several weeks ago when i played around with this feature i was able to connect all 3 of my V3s, although it took a loooong time (~1 minute)…but now i can only connect to one of them…still takes like a minute, but at least it connects…the other two (always same ones) just show the spinning icon indefinitely

all 3 are within 10-15 ft of each other, show 4-bar wifi strength, and have the latest FW…using Chrome browser on PC

this has the potential to be a great feature, assuming the time to connect can be reduced

Same problem here. I have tried different browsers with same result. I would appreciate input from Wyze as to what is going on.

Same problem what? I don’t work for Wyze, but Webview works for me. Are you using this link?