Wyze OG cam live view on PC error not supported 04/18/2024

This morning 8am EST USA Windows PC live view not working.
Current version Edge browser, error telling me my Wyze OG cam is not supported even though it’s on the list of supported devices.

Went to phone app and it made me update firmware, done.

Now Live view works from the app on my phone just fine, but still says error on my PC which is super important to me as I work from home on my PC


Same, Wyze OG and firmware is up to date, it was working yesterday just fine.


Wyze Team:
If you don’t respond and fix this issue soon, I will cancel my subscription and find a new camera company.

Your repeated issues and lack of communication are unacceptable, at any price point.


Having the same issue here with my OG cams. I use the Wyze Web Live daily to monitor my cameras while I am working, and need this feature functioning.


Exactly, I was on chat forever with a rep. 2/3 of my cameras DISAPEARED
I explained multiple times:

I sent screenshots from my desktop of my other camera, but my two others missing and the question was “are you connected to the internet?” We are chatting!!! And you can clearly see the livestream of one camera.

I finally just hung up because we weren’t getting anywhere. I guess I’ll cancel my sub, as well. The event stream is not very easy to navigate and its been a headache from the start.


Wow that is an ignorant and pathetic display from Wyze support.

They clearly are not even trying to provide customer service.

Thats a shame since I left Ring for high prices and lack of features like all day live view running on my PC so I can see whats going on outside my place at a glance on my other monitor.
My place is a somewhat busy location and since my windows stay closed and curtained to keep the hot sun out and the AC pumping while I work away on my PC I need my cams to be my eyes to keep tabs on things and vistors.

Get your act together Wyze!

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My OG also not able to view Live web, but still able to view Events.


I still have two ring cameras, and was trying to decide whether to make the full switch but this is making it easier. Now Im thinking of just trying another service all together. I like the timeline feature of the ring. The events are super hard to navigate within wyze.

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I see the same issue now for my Battery Cam Pro cameras but only two of the three are on the list. The other problem is that none of my V3 cameras can be viewed either. !

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The main reason I don’t like Ring is you have to pay for their cloud storage and you have no other choice.
I choose Wyze because my data is under my control stored on my individual cam in the memory card I put in it, I do have to pay to get the live view access, (which also syncs my data to their clouds, which I don’t want, but I need the live view)

I also have a ring cam covering another view, but I don’t pay for their service anymore so it’s not even recording anything, but they give you the live view for free at least.

With Wyze if you don’t pay the subscription your cam is still recording on its memory card and you can pull it and watch it to see what happened if need be. but you get no remote viewing unless subbed.

As of 2:50pm EST USA my OG cam live view on my PC is now working again.

Only took about 7 hours from my noticing the outage.

Thank you Wayze.

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Unfortunately I keep getting weird results when I go on the Web View. One time I will get the notice that two of my cameras BCP are not supported for live view and meanwhile it will not let me see the V3 Cams either. Everything showed up a few hours later and then an issue again this morning which seemed to go away when I closed the web view and re-opened it ! Then I was informed that my V3 Cameras were off and need to be turned on despite the fact that they had been on for at least 10 minutes. Eventually they showed up again. Obviously some bugs still reside in the system.