My online viewing of my cam via my pc stop working this morning

Here my problem, this morning. I have a CAM PLUS account mainly to view my over night views of my security camera footage on my 23 inch monitor. I have been viewing with no problems until about a hour ago. Now It want load a LIVE view anymore, It just sets there a the wheel spins around and around but will not load live on my PC anymore? The archive footage loads with no problem. Also If I use my phone the live views works just fine on that device. Just stop working on WYZE on line PC APP stop working ?? HELP !

How have you been viewing the camera on that TV? Are you using the web view or are you using the Wyze app in an Android emulator like BlueStacks?

Using web view on Windows 10 PC, had no problems until about 8:45 this morning. Tried two other laptops and my wife’s Win PC also with web view, will not work on my account on any of our PCs anymore. I can still view archive’s from last night and from this morning on all my PCs with web view, just cannot view LIVE VIEWS? It’s try’s to load, loading wheel goes on for well over 30mins know with no results? **Again archives works fine on all my
windows desktop PCs down loading with no problems. Now on my Android phone all viewing works just fine.

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I am watching V2, V3 V3 Pan, V3 Pro, Original Pan, and OG-Tele cameras via Wyze Live View on a Windows 10 desktop using Google Chrome.

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Hello everyone got my problem corrected, I had to recycle the power on my WYZE CAM PAN V3 camera. NOW MY WYZE WEB LIVE STREAM IS WORKING AGAIN

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I’m having this problem again. (this seems to happen at least once a month where nothing loads on the web view) Web cam loads just fine on the IOS app, but no matter what browser I use (Microsoft Edge, Chrome, Firefox) it will not load. Not only that but it hasn’t loaded since last night around 6PM. I figured it would start working after an hour or so like when this normally happens, but it still will not load.

and once again only minutes after posting it has started to work again. :woman_shrugging:

so i just went thru 45 mins with chat support and got disconnected at 6m pdt. Guess they auto log off when customer needs help. ANYWAY, upgrade to cam plus unlimited for the web view feature. ALL my v3 cameras can be viewed well on Google chrome via my windows PC on the web view live site. HOWEVER I cannot view my OG cameras on the web view, they freeze up. ONLY if i power cycle the OG cameras does it work for about 10 seconds then picture freezes up. I can view the live stream perfectly on the wyze app via android. ONLY when I try and view them on the web do these 2 OG cameras not work. Support had me update the software, reset the cameras all that and still nothing. Any fixes out there from the community ? I am at a loss as all other camera can be viewed on the google chrome browser via web view on the same exact network, computer etc. only the OG cameras dont work. And yes everything is updated yet still doesnt work.

I just got 2 v3 cameras and upgraded to the plus for the soul purpose of viewing on pc. I cen watch recorded stuff on events but on live the cameras just circle and never go live. If anyone can help me I’d greatly appreciate it! I am not very computer savvy so step by step would be fantastic! New so it wouldn’t allow me to ask the question, had to reply to someone else with same issue (sorry!).

In the Wyze app, open your Cam -go to setting (top rt) scroll to the bottom - tap reset. This works for me.