Wyze Cam OG not working on Web Portal

WHAT in the F is going on?
Cant even connect to any of them via my wzye.

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Come on guys, get your act together!

Your date of this notice is wrong.
It’s 2024 not 2023.

Please see the several posts on your Services and Integrations forum, your service is down for a lot of us right now!

Many of us using OG cams are getting errors on PC live view saying our cams are not supported when they are on the list!

Please RESPOND and fix this ASAP.
Your leaving us in the dark with no security and we are getting pissed and will express that by taking our business and money elsewhere to a competitor.

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Same for me. My Wyze OG cameras are all of a sudden incompatible on the web live view.

YES!!! I am in total agreement and having the same issue.

We are currently looking into this issue. I apologize for the inconvenience.


Thank you Jason.

Please keep us posted, we at least 6hours into this lack of service.

The OG-telephoto also isn’t working in the Web View.

same problem.
v2 works.
OG does not show on webview
reset and restart does NOT fox the issue.

the cameras DO show up on my iphone app.

My cameras have been out all day.