WYZE Live Stream Not Working Again

Live View is Down again… I guess i’m going to find another cam company. You do the bait and switch for me to buy the cams where now i have to pay to view live streams online and they are down a lot. Tried on Chrome and Edge. both give the same error which is a web page With code on it.

The Wyze Web View has moved. An email was sent out to announce it.

my.wyze.com is the new Wyze Web Portal. Try that.

In the upper left, use the Two Bar drop-down to select Cams or Events to view or you can do Account Maintenance and Subscription maintenance like assigning cams.


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Also, if you get “code” showing after you try to authenticate, that happens to me a lot, and what fixes it for me is:

Clear the browser cookies/cache (at least for the Wyze Website), then log in using your Wyze login (not Google/Apple Portal). For some reason, when I try to login with the oAuth portal in Chrome, it will fail nearly 100% of the time and show code. Then I can’t ever log in any other way ever again until I go clear the cache/cookies. So the only way I can get it to always work is to make sure I have a freshly cleared cache/cookies and then use the actual Wyze login with my 2FA code. Then I can login and everything works.

Over the past 10 days I have been also having a lot of problems with Live view, using Edge browser. View freezes requiring browser refresh. A lot of time that wouldn’t even work and I would give up.
Then the new View/portal. With the Reconnect button. Also being forced to reconnect a lot.
Right now, tonight at 12:30 am I havn’t be disconnected for several hours.

I have found most my Live view disconnect times/problems are during the early and late afternoon. Mornings and late nights the disconnects/freezes are much less.

IMO, I think Wyze’s web servers are becoming overloaded and can’t keep up with the demand .

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As stated above, Webview has mostly moved to it’s new home here:


Try that.

Also, the original Webview has been running through Amazon Kinesis, which in theory doesn’t have demand limits since Amazon just scales it as needed, so it’s almost definitely not that it is overloaded and can’t keep up with demand.


There is another thread that is also discussing the capabilities and limitations of the new Wyze Web Portal, to include Wyze Web View.

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Sorry, but I never received an email about this, I seem to get every other spam email from Wyze, but not this.

You aren’t alone. It appears that many have not received the announcements. It may have to do with the Account Communication Preferences Settings changed from a previous Unsubscribe event.

I have been searching for another way to access those other than thru the Unsubscribe link on a received email, but haven’t found it yet.

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