Web-view issues

The new update to web-view seems to have broke the connection for my Wyze Cam v3 Pro. I can view the live feed from the app just fine but when I use web-view it says “Web Connection Failed” All other cameras function just fine via web-view and Wyze app.

Update: This seems to be an intermittent issue with ALL cameras. They will work just fine and then suddenly will fail to connect on web-view. App works just fine with all cameras.


Also having same issue.

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I am having same issue. All my cameras were visible on live view, but now it is hit or miss. I thought the problem might be the 3 Wyze Cam v3 I had in a group, but even after removing the group some not working. I can see individual cams on my phone, but the live view on Chrome is a problem.

Any updates on Wyze Web view. All my cams worked nicely and were grouped on the previous beta app. Now I get this and they all go to reconnect within 3-5 minutes. Some come back when I click on them for 1-2 minutes and are gone again.
@WyzeJasonJ The Dec 19th release did not help me.
If at all possible I do not want to use Google Chrome web browser as it has a bad privacy history. It is deleted from my devices.
Safari worked fine for over a year with previous Wyze Web beta browser.

I have same issue. I am using Chrome, and even tried MS Edge.
I posted a similar issue a couple of days ago, no responses yet.

Same problem

I do not have any updates currently, I do know they are working on improving it all the time. I will send them your issues and ensure they are aware.

On my testing, I also do not use Chrome, I am using MSEdge. I have not tried a group of 9, I started small only a group of 2 currently but it has been going for about 30 hours as of writing this. I will expand to a few more and see what happens then.

Thanks for update and insights.

I am having the same problem in both chrome and MS edge. Also on both browsers the cameras are all pink. The event recording are fine. not pink!

When you look in the app are they pink also?

I had 4 WYZE Cam V3 and one Dorbell v2 running and seemed stable. If i add more cameras to the view, I get the connecting issues. Seems to occur when I have more cameras online even though I am only viewing a few.

No, the app is fine. only pink on the web page.

I’m having the same issue, along with the pink screens. The connection issue seems to have been going on for a while, but the pink screens are new within the past week or so (for me anyway). Events show fine, but trying to view live gives that very washed out pink screen exactly like in your photo. Its happening in chrome and edge, I’m running Windows 11. I’m not getting the pink screens on my laptop running windows 7 with Chrome though (or the iphone app). Also, I downloaded firefox to see if that made a difference, and its working fine in that browser for some reason.

Jon that answers my question if another browser would work or not. Thanks,
BTW I’m using windows 10. Just an FYI

Same issue here, six cameras, all cameras frequently report “Web Connection Failed.”

Well it’s been a few days, the pink screen went away in Chrome but not Edge.
Still getting the random lost connection thou. It’s a step forward.

same issue here just blank web browser no videos on chrome and edge browser win 11 but only works in debian linux chrominum browser

Hi Everyone, I’m new to this and just purchased the subscription. Is there a KB article or trouble shooting steps? Recommended settings? I’m using a tp-link deco mesh and i’m sure some of the settings are causing issues as well

Same issue and it still persists. This is a constant point of frustration.

OS: W10 22H2
Browser: Brave & Chrome v115 and newer

Also, recently [w/i the past few weeks], noticed the Web-View has not been adjusting to the number of cameras but aligning things vertically.

If I manually adjust the zoom level down to 65 or 50%, then the view aligns in a grid; otherwise, the view remain vertically aligned. :rage:

@WyzeTeam - can we please get an update to why the web viewing randomly shows “Web Connection Failed” when it works fine in the app? And, when it will be fixed?

I ONLY pay for the Cam Plus for web viewing and it is becoming increasingly unreliable.