The Cam Plus website for viewing your cams (Web View)

Man, I have never seen such a spotty, inconsistent and worthless web-based solution to view your WYZE cams. The biggest joke is; you have to PAY for it to boot.

Currently I have 2 NEST cams as well, and they too offer a web-based solution for those of us who prefer to use a computer to view their cams. And their product NEVER goes down, and I mean NEVER! But the ONLY reason I’m looking for an alternative now is because my current cams are being phased out by NEST. I’ve been their customer from the beginning - back when they were called “DropCam”. But they were swallowed up at least twice since then - and they’re now owned by NEST. So I’ve been looking for an alternative.

So fast-forward to 2 months ago, I bought a few WYZE cams since they’re so cheap (the V3 and V3 Pro), whereupon I was offered a free trial of their “Cam Plus” service - which one would ultimately have to purchase in order to do what I require - which is view my cams from a web page via a computer.

From the very beginning, it was flaky, and beyond inconsistent. Unlike the NEST version which is always on and always connected, this WYZE web page would remain connected for 30 minutes on a GOOD DAY - but more times than not just 5 minutes - followed by the obligatory message “Web Connection Failed. Please check your internet connection. If issues persist, update device firmware via the Wyze app and reboot the device”

Of course, the web connection is NOT the actual issue - it’s the ridiculous server/website or whatever you guys are using that’s the real problem. Recently there was a change to the presentation layer, but sadly the underlying issue remains - and my hopes were quickly dashed.

Look… my NEST cams are right next to the WYZE cams, they both access the same router/wifi, it’s not humanly possible to have a better side-by-side comparison of the 2 products. For instance, on one computer that has 2 monitors, I’ll have the WYZE website up - on the other monitor I have NEST. Inevitably, I’ll have to reconnect or refresh the WYZE website dozens of times over the course of the day (and that’s being kind), while the NEST website performs flawlessly all day long, never needing to be touched or addressed in any way, shape or form.

I can’t imagine how frustrating it must be for those people who actually depend on having consistent connection and view. If you have kids or a baby that you wanted to monitor, GOOD LUCK, cuz you’re in trouble!

I may be a fairly new customer, but from all appearances it seems to me that WYZE is simply spread too thin - and don’t have the time, man-power or desire to actually fix this issue - and it’s sad. Clearly it’s possible to do it - NEST proves it!

Look, I was hoping I could move on from NEST due to their never-ending price increases and the fact that my current cams are being phased out, but like the old saying goes, “ya get what ya pay for”.

I mean… am I the only one here experiencing this issue??


I am also looking to replace my Wyze OG cam because of the poor Web Live connection issues.
I get way too many disconnects during the day (10am to 6pm) but very few disconnects in the evening/morning.
Wyze is my first cam and have been using it for 7 months.
I just did a quick look at Nest Cam and one big downside is it doesn’t have SD card storage,
I also don’t like/trust Google.

Eufy is/was on my radar. But then I go to their forum and see Eufy only allows 24 hours of viewing and a new 24 hour “token”.
It takes a lot of work researching all these companies and their products, and all their little quirks.

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I have to say that this is a little surprising to me. I know the guy who worked on the new Wyze Web View here internally, he’s pretty meticulous about stuff. I’m passing this feedback along to him, he may reach out personally.

Thanks for bringing this up, we are actively working on improving Wyze Web Portal and appreciate the feedback. I’ll report back when I know more.


Thanks for the reply - I appreciate it. Here’s a link to a YouTube video I created last night that gives you a taste of what’s going on (when it actually IS providing a view)…


Yea, it’s really bad…

And here’s the signal strength…

Confirmed that the dev team is looking into this and will respond.


Thank you!

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Well, why your at it, ask them why we can’t view our video doorbell on the WEB? I went through WYZE customer service because the one camera we have on CAM Plus is our WYZE video doorbell. After a good 20 minutes the WYZE rep finally told me that even though we pay for CAM Plus for the doorbell, that is the 1 camera that DOESN"T work with watching it on the WEB. What a ripoff!!!

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The two bar signal strength is not good. But I am not sure if the signal strength impacts the Live View connection issue. I always have 3 bars and my Live View is not reliable.

On your smart phone, keep tapping the 3 bars and the RSSI number (Received Signal Strength Indicator) should appear. Knowing the exact RSSI number can be used to relocate a camera/router to a better location, if possible.

I am not sure what RSSI is needed to go from 2 bars to 3 bars, but I am guessing less than 60 to 55 or so.

I had to buy a wifi extender because my OG phone app was freezing all the time due to the poor signal strength. With the wifi extender I now have 3 bars, with an RSSI in the high 30’s to low 40’s.

Yea, I wasn’t sure either, but figured it couldn’t hurt to provide the screenshot. Sometimes, it IS actually 3 bars, but clearly only 2 bars when I took a screenshot - which was this morning.

Do you have an Android? Cuz my iPhone won’t reveal the RSSI no matter how much I tap.

For the record, my Nest cam is over 10 feet further away and it never has an issue. But I have thought about getting an extender since they don’t cost that much - I can’t really relocate the cam and/or router or wifi. But I have noticed that the issues primarily arise from the afternoon onwards. For some reason, the morning and early afternoon don’t seem to have as many issues - relatively speaking.


Yep, I have an Android. On my phone it takes a real light and quick touch to make the bars switch to RSSI. Sometimes it takes several attempts to get it to switch.

Nope, Apparently not for iPhone…

Today Live View was perfect until around 2pm.
For the past 30 minutes I am getting constant disconnects.
Half the time the Reconnect does not work/respond, which requires me to click the Edge browser refresh button.
Even after clicking the Reconnect and/or Edge Refresh button the Live Feed will display in a frozen state, not doing anything. Clock frozen, etc.
I was hoping/thinking Thanksgiving would be better with less people using the system.

Let him know I will do what I can to help, if needed.

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Sounds exactly like my experience, I mean EXACTLY.

Will do, thanks!

Where abouts do you live?
I live in Fremont CA.
Curious if it might be a local/national problem.
I have Comcast cable.

The camera-feed website been bug-filled since beta and still is. I cancelled a number of subscriptions on cameras mainly because of this camera-view website - I REALLY wanted it to work. It’s buggy and still is 6 months after I last tried it. For my one remaining subscription, I just tested the bug where when you switch the view to full screen, the bottom 15% of the view is cropped in Chrome browser, so if something is going on in that area, you’re not going to see it.
I’m surprised that the quality of the website is somehow unknown and a “surprise” to the Wyze team. Does nobody at Wyze perform any kind of QA. No disrespect but I find that hard to believe and a little patronizing.

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