New Cam Plus version Live stream Web View of cameras online now constantly FREEZING!

Well there were no drop down menus or sub category for what I am bringing to the table. The issue is I just upgraded after many years on the free lite plan to the 99,00 per yr cam plus version. I particularly thought how great it would be to live view my 11 various Wyze cams on my powerful Windows 11 desktop PC. Although I could do that on Blueticks easily anytime and it worked always 100%.

Unfortunately, Wyze online all cameras constantly FREEZE or they won’t load at all as the inner wheel icon just constantly spins! I spent hundreds of dollars on Wyze products and just ordered 2 new Wyze Floodlight V3 Pro’s and spent 99.99 on the cam plus… So in a nutshell…this ruined my initial impressions of doing the “upgrade”. I tried various troubleshoots and even tried 2 browsers Edge and Chrome. Turned off the few extensions as well on Chrome to no betterment. I restarted my top of the line XB8 new Comcast gateway 2 x.

I restarted some of the cams I watch most… I even turned off the memory saver feature on Chrome but nothing makes it any better. After refreshing the webpage the cam or cams sometimes will stream live view but only for a short time before freezing again. The website should stream the paying clients better than the FREE Bluestacks right?

I have a 1 gig down and 40 mbps up Internet so that has never been a problem. If BS can stream the cams why can’t Wyze ISP’s??

The heavier software cam plus also slows or freezes even the cam on my Galaxy S23 Ultra phone on all cams off and on as well. So it appears that Wyze ISP servers or lack of are the issue unless anyone can add to this otherwise please. Here is the Wyze link to live stream your cams if you are not aware of what I am talking about here: Live stream - Wyze

Additionally since my “upgrade” to cam plus tier even the cams on my S23 Ultra phone take longer to load and sometimes freeze when they never did with the free non paying lite version. If this does not change I will be forced to drop the 99.00 paid cam plus version as it creates a potential for theft, break ins violence that can easily be missed because the added software bugs are creating LAGS and FREEZING up the phone live view as well as the live streaming view on Wyze own website. I think the CEO’s should take some time off of trying to create new and “cool” products and correct this current issue first.

Because it is the paying clients that grease the wheels to pay the engineers to design new products after all. I mean what if someone dies because a loved one cannot be reached in time because the family member cannot live stream normally like they could in the non paid “lite” version?!?! Am I the only one who can see all this? There is an obvious issue with Wyze ISP being too weak or few servers they use for traffic and / or and their cam plus bloated software. IMHO unless anyone can correct the issue it is plain what the issue is. Wyze servers too few and their bloated cam plus software.

I’m sorry to hear of your connectivity frustrations. I’ve been there and I know how frustrating it can be. I used to be confident Wyze was the problem too, so I can relate. I couldn’t understand why some of my friends were telling me they had 0 problems with Wyze at all, and there I was having so many. I desperately tried so many things to figure out what the difference was.

I’m not necessarily saying the following is the problem, but, just so you know, when you are streaming with Bluestacks using the Wyze app, your video streams are most likely staying 100% local on your router and never using your internet bandwidth at all other than a split second at the very start for “authentication” with the Wyze server confirming that your computer is allowed to connect directly to the Wyze cams locally over the local router. After that it’s all local, no video even leaves your house.

When you use the “webview” through a browser, that is apparently through an entirely different method and IS actually using your internet to connect the camera through an Amazon server and then relay it back to your computer again. So the Webview is actually using both your upload and your download bandwidth, while Bluestacks does not. Since you asked, that is one reason why there is a difference. Now, I am not necessarily that is the primary issue. I don’t know much about your particular situation. There are nearly countless things that could be involved in your frustrating experience…I’m just saying that your bandwidth speeds are irrelevant to bluestacks and the app when you are on the same network as the cameras. It’s not using your internet bandwidth to live stream the camera in that case. It works totally differently.

I will point out though, that you mentioned you are using Comcast Xfinity…and while I won’t definitively say that is the problem, I will say that when I had Comcast XFinity, my Smart home experience was an utter nightmare of problems that were related to so many things. I detailed a list of things I found to help improve my experience here if you’re interested in seeing if any of those things could be making a difference in your experience too:

While I do sometimes also have to refresh the webview, and not all cameras always start on it because the webview isn’t totally perfect, I don’t have all the other loading and freezing and lagging problems you are reporting on the phone live view. Mine work really well. This leads me to believe that some or most of your frustrations are likely related to having Comcast XFinity just as I had all those problems when I had them, and as soon as I switched off them to a good solid Fiber internet with a different ISP, and Router, all those problems magically went away for me. I know not everyone has those options since Comcast sometimes has a monopoly over certain areas, but sometimes you can improve the situation through things like changing the DNS, ditching the Comcast gateway for a better router, etc. (even their best routers/gateways were always terrible in comparison to alternatives…they will tell you their router/gateway is great and charge a ton for it, but I always found even their good gateways were terrible overall).

I had Comcast at multiple locations and they were all horrible. It has become my default to believe they are the primary problem with any connectivity frustration because in my experience it’s always turned out to be the case…it just sucks that sometimes there aren’t really many better options. :frowning:

Hopefully my other linked post above can give you some ideas of things that might help a little, or someone else might have some ideas too. But once I got rid of Comcast, my experience has been exponentially better with almost no connectivity issues anymore, even though I have 40 cams using cam plus, uploading nearly constantly, and over 300 total Wyze devices, all without connectivity problems. So I have become fairly convinced that most connectivity problems are not exactly Wyze’s fault since it’s possible to have near perfect general connectivity with Wyze.

As for the Webview, I do sometimes have some cameras that don’t start up right away for some reason (though most of them usually do), so hopefully they can make some improvements to that method since they are using a different protocol than the app normally uses.

I hope you can find something to help your situation for the rest of it though, and I will also continue to advocate for improvements to the webview. As you said, some of the webview frustrations are likely not due to your internet, but due to the webview still needing some improvements.

How many cams do you have, and how many are you trying to stream at the same time?

I have 9 with 2 Floodlight V3 Pro’s on order. I am only trying to live view 3 which are the outside ones to answer your question. So far 1 of the 3 is still live streaming ok (for now) but the other 2 still have the typical spinning inner wheel as you can see in my screenshot. circled in red.

TY for your time taken to write such text as that shows how much you care about your fellow Wyze’ers. I have a few Ring devices… 2 vid doorbell and 2 floodlight cams and their web view never freezes. I am fairly tech savvy and have a depth of understanding on these things. That is why IMHO it is the bloated cam plus and / or the web view or their servers. Maybe it will straighten out in a day or two…

Of course I cannot call Wyze support now as they are closed. Most techs are in the Philippines and level 1 techs generally know less than I do so they constantly have to tell me be right back while they email my questions to level tech 2. I was told we cannot directly speak to that tier except via email.

I feel bad for the mostly untrained level 1 techs with their broken English as they struggle (“For this one”…) is the common catch phrase that they always say. I get a kick out of that btw. They usually cannot from my years of experience calling them comprehend the depths of what I am forced to bring to the table which aggravates both parties.

I would also like to place the 3 outside cams at the top of the page, but the web view does not allow this.

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3 simultaneous streams should be alright for this. :thinking:

As for the order, I think WebView shows newest activated up top and oldest on bottom. So the only way to rearrange them for now is to delete and reactivate them to get them up top. Alternatively, we can put them in a camera group and then just choose to stream the whole group and it works that way.

I think why is recently decided that the web view is no longer in beta, so now that it’s not in beta I think we can submit feedback in the Fix-It Friday event on July 7th, telling them that some cameras aren’t loading, etc and enough of us vote for it, they’ll accept it as a high priority issue with a weekly report about their action plan and efforts. I’ll bookmark this to remind me to bring it up and see if we can get that prioritized.

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That sound absolutely marvelous! I really so LUV tech stuff and so I LUV Wyze before I upgraded to the cam plus that has more issues than the free tier sadly. But they have been around long enough and become savvy enough at least the top mgt. to learn to funnel funds into their coffer’s with the various plans and new product developments.

But TPTB at Wyze need to prioritize what they have already like the web view issues and the latency issues once clients “upgrade” to anything beyond the free tier. The free tier should not have less latency that the more albeit bloated cam plus variant. After all it is the paying clients that keep food on the table and monies to create new products.

I want to believe in Wyze ability to fix the aforementioned. There is absolutely no reason why Amazon’s Ring web view and paid service APP software view via phone can do what Wyze currently cannot or are lagging behind. I never have slow load up times or non loading cams on my Ring product cams and web views.

High risk security companies and apartment buildings / companies that may have up to 99 cams would need to constantly view live feeds. But if Wyze in my experience cannot be reliable for even 3 then someone needs fired and replaced ASP otherwise Wyze will not grow as they could.

Just now for example I seen a person run across my yard and immediately went to activate 1 of my many V3 cams but it never even loaded and tried 3 - 4 times before I just gave up and the person was by then GONE! Yet before on my free Wyze tier that would not of happened. Why…

I’ll shave my thoughts. Because the paid tier with the extra features and self checks it goes though from point A to B create issues that either do not allow certain cams to load at all or create such latencies that the even, person or crime was missed entirely. This is where Ring stomps Wyze because they do not have that issue.

When I tap a cam on my S23 Ultra it loads up like NOW. Same with the live web view no issues. Try it out yourself and compare. I want to full invest in Wyze but unless they can compete with Ring why should I or anyone else? I believe there are certain people at Wyze that either are just plain lazy grifters or simply not skilled enough to fix the current issues, otherwise guess what? They would of been fixed long ago.

I like your idea to motivate them via what you mentioned. You can send them my creative informative posts as well that do a deep dive much deeper than average that pinpoints specific issues and the people who allow it to continue, suggestions, and finally competitor Ring software and cams that their people have long ago fixed such issues leaving one to believe better people need hired at Wyze for long term sustainability, stock growth and paychecks for the majority of the call centers in the Philippines who I sadly must note they lack comprehension of in depth issues I have been forced to bring to the table due to the engineering & software teams that some may need replaced based upon their historical lack of abilities.

I will give Wyze a month to see if the paid tier cam plus service is worth keeping or not and take my valuable time to place even more lengthy phone calls to the at times language challenged Philippine call centers who always tell me to wait while they email their level 2 tier associated because their knowledge is so limited. I’d prefer to 1) speak with a USA tech person and 2) have the option to speak directly with upper tech levels if the 1st ones prove inadequate.

Ultimately it is not me who will decide if I keep cam plus but Wyze. I simply cannot have my cams load slower pr not at all with a paid tier. The CEO’s need to hear this and what I bring to the table loud and clear because I do it not to down Wyze but because I want them to WIN and succeed and overcome Ring eventually as the preeminent security cams and software interfaces via phone & WebView company on Earth.

Lastly I just checked my paid for cam plus live web view on my 6k custom PC that streams web view zero issues on the Ring 2 vid doorbells and 2 floodlight cams. Currently Wyze web view our of 9 current connected cams… 5 are streaming normally, 1 is frozen and 3 are stuck with the spinning loading wheels in the center. The 1 that is frozen did load btw and the spinning wheel left. After 1 refresh of the page we now have: 5 frozen and only 3 streaming live web view. After a sign out and back in now we have: 7 frozen, 2 stuck with the spinning loading wheel. None of the cams are watchable! Or if they do work usually they stop working and freeze. Update 2 began streaming in between my typing and later checking the web view page. Still it is totally unacceptable for a paid level tier client.

No way in hell do I believe it is any of my equipment at fault since Ring has no issues. Google the Comcast XB8 Gateway, it is top of the line. It is not your daddies old gateway as Comcast has come a long way. I get 2.5 ethernet connect and 2.4 gig network speed interconnect between my phone and gateway as I just checked. Typical DL speeds are 1400 mbps and 41 mbps up. I can prove this with screenshots and test by 2 different speed checkers.

What if an emergency occurred or a murder, theft, or an an elderly person having a stroke or heart attach while their loved one misses it because the cams never load on web view if that is all they have at the time to view live feeds??

They may need to also add more servers in certain locations with high speed internet capability to handle adequately the traffic for the paid tier cam plus or protect plans. If they advertise up to 99 cams then any customer with 99 cams should be able to live view via web. Otherwyze they could be sued unless they stipulate “Not viewable on web view live streaming” which they currently do not.

I was looking forward to installing the new Wyze floodlight Pro cam that just came today , but now… I was supposed to get tracking before I got this item per the Wyze email but that did not happen. Also I never got the 15.00 promo voucher that was supposed to be sent to my email once shipped.
Wyze Cam Floodlight Pro Product Launch Promotion
Wyze Cam Floodlight Pro product launch promotions are valid until 06/27/2023 11:59PM PT. Not all offers (deals) are available at the same time and will be released on a cadence as determined by Wyze. Offers are limited to stock on hand. Offers are not transferable - no resale allowed. Offers on and Wyze app shop are only valid only on and Wyze app shop. Offers do not apply to Wyze services or extended warranties. Offers do not apply to purchases made before the offer was available (Offers cannot be applied retroactively to previous orders). Additional bonus $15 credit will be given once the order ships and is only applied once per order. This bonus credit will sent through email.

So…as I type this I am now on hold while calling Wyze as the Lady said she would put me on hold while she emails someone else for the answer why I never got the shipping notice, tracking or the 15.00 voucher. 6 minutes later while she got an email response she told me I would get one 15.00 gift card after my 2nd Floodlight Pro is received ARRRGGGG!

Nooo… I am to get two because they are 2 separate orders. AND I am to get each one once shipped not received + get tracking because there are porch pirates thieves out there. I need tracking to be on the watch for the expensive items which I never got. I actually had to tell her to copy & paste the terms I posted here to send to the “order dept.”

OML… I have been on / off on hold now with this lady Wyze rep from the Philippines for this for 65 + minutes and counting! I do admit I like the Wyze music while I wait… lol :raising_hand_man::man_shrugging::joy: ( slowly begins pulling my hair out & hyperventilating ) Update she just hung up on me and I am calling back now. I told her to call me back if we a lost connection but she did not…

Seeing what all I am seeing as an highly advance intuitive empath (HAIE) is that Wyze needs a PRO to go in and revamp much of its infrastructure top to bottom and function. this company is run by a CHILD & this CHILD has put all his school friends in charge making key decisions instead of highly trained professionals. SMH

SMH & multiple SIGHS. people need fired at Wyze & rehire competent people equal to the Ring or other competitors level of expertise. Wyze is suffering needlessly because of inept people hired in positions they are not capable of.

It’s as if Wyze is well aware of the web live view issues and is throttling clients and using a cueing system so any client at any given time is only allowed to view 1 or 2 or maybe 3 of their up to 99 cams so all clients can maybe view 1 or 2 or maybe 3 cams. That right there shows they do not have enough servers to relay traffic in various countries. If true they need to put out a disclaimer so they don’t get sued for incorrect advertisements that cam plus tier is capable of “Up To 99 Cams”. (But NOT in live web view") stipulation, until they can handle traffic…

A final note to support my thoughts on the added servers needed for traffic is that with the advent of the V3 Pro with 2k resolution and Floodlight V3 Pro with 2.5k resolutions the bit rate video feeds also increase. These factors should be factored in for Wyze teams to determine the upgrade in servers. IMHO.

UPDATE: I decided to go back to Bluestacks 5 latest version Android 11 64bit and no longer use the problematic Wyze live Web view to keep my sanity. If they ever get it together like Ring did let me know. END.

I posted a summary of this is this issue in this month’s Fix-it-Friday event for you:

Feel free to vote on it and leave your own comments or clarifications too.

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I appreciate that ty. I know my emotive way of relaying the issue could have a better tone. I will tone it down going forward as I try to be overall a good human. At times my emotions come through too strong. :raising_hand_man::grinning::sparkling_heart:

I just created a new post you may wish to see that all Wyze users will luv, as you can see my tone has much improved. Here is the link: One Toggle for On / Off of Motion WARNING "You are currently being recorded" on Home Screen!

I found BlueStacks from here, and wow, what a difference. I’ve had several different solutions to monitor my wyzecams from computers, and they’ve all “worked” with an expected degree of disconnection and glitches. But BlueStacks/Wyze just works. I don’t even mind (too much) having to scroll right and left to see all my cameras. (After setting the screenview to landscape, and going back to group view). It’s very stable, and almost the same as my phone experience. Thanks for mentioning it.

I’m cool with finding solutions any way I can for the Wyze products I’ve purchased at crazy low prices. I bought a bunch more OGs during the last sale for $15.@.
Supporting Wyze has helped drive the industry to more affordable and feature rich products. I guess I just don’t think of my Wyze stuff as “premium priced”, so I don’t expect premium features. Thanks again.

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Thank you Mark! We’ve been having major issues with the Chrome pink screen and Mozilla live feed freezing. This works!