Wyze live does not all me to view live!

I have three cameras on Cam Plus. I can view them all fine via the app however on the desktop live only 2 of the 3 allow me to watch in real time. The third one just keeps showing the spinning loading symbol. I can see the recorded events just fine but not the live. another frustrating issue with wyze. I wish I could get more iSmart cameras!!! They have been rock solid for me for a decade! I have 13 of the Ismart and only use wyze as it is hard to find refurbished ismarts.

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Honestly, thry seem to have gone downhill. When i first bought wyze cam it offered to plug another cam into it so you could put an additional cam where there were no plug ins. Sinve has bern removed. The person detection was much much better. Also the view was closer up and lighting further away did not make the picture go white adter a few feet. They were more reliable all around. i had a Wyze 2 cam on my covered porch that i could view a person closer and i could also see across the street but now with the wyze 3 (Wyze 2 died) The sunlight beyond the porch makes the cam go white when viewing past the covered area. It is so bright i can no longer see past the porch. And now at night because there is post light across the street was fine with the wyze 2 but with the 3, I cannot see past the porch at night either. So I have maybe 3’ viewable on the porch from where it is installed. Personally I think the product has improved in color but every thing else has went down hill.

You used to be able to get individual sensors for doors and the such but now you need a hub that you cannot get the hub unless ou buy the outdoor camera and hub togethet. It was a nice system before where you build as when finances allowed but not now and the cameras are not as good.

Hope you have better luck. They do not have a native app for Fire sticks or android tv that is for tivo stick which are the cheaper options for live viewing and now Tiny cam pro is not working so many flipping errors, you cannot view live. So now you cannot live view unless on phone with the native app. Its pathetic…

Why no batice app for fire sticks or Android TV is beyond me.

I am looking into a whole new system so I can fade out wyze all together. Again, I hope you have better luck.


I just made a new post about the same issue here, so I feel your pain: New Cam Plus version Live stream Web View of cameras online now constantly FREEZING!

I just created a new updated post on the live web view issues here if you would like to view comments or add to it: New Cam Plus version Live stream Web View of cameras online now constantly FREEZING!

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