Wyze Live view not working well

It made me pick Android when this has to do with the computer.

Why does the live view only show some cameras online but when you use the app on the phone, all are connected and good. Ive got 6 cameras and 3 work on live view. Says check internet connection. Connection is fine.

Do all the cameras have CamPlus? That is required for Live View.

If you’re using “Web View”, perhaps some of your 6 cams are not supported yet?

What devices does Wyze Web View support?

All are cam plus yes

All supported :disappointed:

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Are the 3 that won’t connect all the same type and if so, what type of cam are they?

I tried Web Live View today and it seems to work much better BUT:
V3Pro cams seem to work pretty well.
V2 and V3 cams, not so much, very laggy, freezing, and reconnecting a lot.
A v3 may reconnect, and then if you watch the time in bottom corner, seconds will change about once every 5 seconds, but only go up by one second…

Xcorradokidx, I’m having the same issue. Camera was working perfect on both the PC & phone until the update a couple day’s ago, now I keep getting the “connection fail” notification coming up on the PC, but still works fine viewing from my phone. The notifications will still come up on the PC, but just no live feed. I tried resetting app on phone, deleted app on both phone and PC, redownloaded the camera, still nothing. grrrrrrr.

Well later this morning they seem to be a lot better.
It is so nice to see them all working, and if they disconnect, automatically reconnect!
Actually usable now!
Thank you thank you thank you thank you!