Live stream stopped working on V3

Live stream is nice IF IT WORKS!!
Camera is outside, about 22 feet up. Had worked. Updated Firmware AGAIN,
Still works w/ Wyze App.
Other cams working w/ live stream.


Just to make sure. You are saying that the web based live stream at Live stream - Wyze is not working, but watching a live stream on the phone app does work. Do I have that correct?

I agree, it would be nice if it work more reliably. I routinely see the same thing. Camera freezes for minutes (or more) at a time on the web live stream, but works fine a phone. Or it just never connects via the web site. BTW, I have gigabit fiber for my internet that is so far 100% reliable so that’s not the issue.

Yea, I know it’s still in beta.

Yup. Giving me the “Live stream is not supported on this camera.”
On both Edge and Chrome.

Like the OP, my two v3 cams no longer work with the web-based live stream, For me, ‘no longer work’ means that the web-based live stream never connects. The connecting wait indictor just spins. All of my v2 cams and my Pan (v1) work great with the web-based live stream, and all (v1 Pan/v2/v3) cams work well with the app.

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