V3 won't connect to Live Stream

I just received a new V3 camera and have gone thru the setup process 4 times and the camera won’t turn on on the live stream. I’ve tried turning off wifi from my phone, tried resetting, nothing worked. This is my third Wyze camera and the previous cameras have worked fine. Any suggestions?

Welcome to the Forum Community, @morrisonwilliam.
First thing I would suggest is to make sure that both your app and the Firmware are up to date.
If so, try Power Cycling the cam- the V3 is basically the same procedure as the V2.

Thanks. Still not connecting. At least the V3 is showing up in my app dashboard. I have tried power cycling and unplugging the camera and still will not connect. Showing error code 90.

Now working. I deleted the camera from app and re-installed.

Thanks Tomp!

No worries! Glad it worked and enjoy your V3. Great cams!