Fix-It Friday 7/7/2023

SD Card Playback anomaly when set to Events (vs Continuous)


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Thermostat is going offline sometimes for some people

Our resident Thermostat expert and helper @speadie indicates that this only happens to them during the winter and not during the summer when they have the Thermostat off. So maybe that can help Wyze figure out what the cause is related to


How about a little QOL lovin for Live Stream?

*Back button on Web Live View, not the Events page, there’s one already there
*Ability to delete events in the web view
*Lengthen time it take for Web Events page to lose focus or turn it off
*Make Cam Outdoor V2 compatible with Web View Live Stream page
*Video controls on web Live View and Events page. Right now you have to right-click and select “Show Controls”.
*Better description on each Event after it’s loaded. Right now it only says “motion”. Make it say what the Event actually is, like “Vehicle”, “person” or “Pet”, etc

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Grid for me. v4.50.3.4240 on IOS 16.5.1. Wyze Cam Pan v3.

No notifications from V2 motion sensors, still experiencing this after 4 months of no fix.

Support told me after the app update that it would be fixed but still no notifications.

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Some Cameras don’t load in the Webview reliably

For many people using the Webview, some cameras just freeze when trying to load or shortly after loading. Sometimes the loading wheel doesn’t even move, or else it spins endlessly but never loads.

However, when using the app, those same cameras have no problem streaming.

Since this feature is listed as “Wishes Granted” and no longer showing as “Beta” it seems that functionality reports now qualify for Fix-It-Friday.

Here is a recent report:

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Still waiting for Wyze Cam Pan v3 to dependably return to original position after pan scan. v4.50.3.4240 on IOS 16.5.1.

Yes. As are others. However this was addressed in the final post of last month’s FiF:


When viewing an event from one camera in the events tab, it always skips the first t seconds of the event.

The issue still persists on the new app version

Seems to be limited to v2s after resetting. We’ll see. :slight_smile:

Dude. Have some of this hopium in the meantime.

It’s awesome. :woozy_face:

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V3’s randomly quit recognizing the spotlight accessory, has been an issue for months now.

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Cam OG Telephoto Live Stream doesn’t work in Firefox…Events do work

It works in other browsers though

Cameras in groups having issues with loading live streams , showing as offline.


The new iOS app 2.43 DID NOT FIX “No Alert Issues” on v2 and doorbell.
Still no alerts even though all alert settings are set both on the iOS app and on the device

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IOS App 2.43 Playback Bug

I posted this on another thread, but wanted on Fix-It Friday too.

When viewing a cloud event video and pressing the Playback button to jump the SD Card video, the Playback always jumps to near the most recent part of the timeline. Not to the time of the cloud event video. On iPad IOS 16.5.1. Restarted iPad and cleared the App Cache with no resolution. App 2.43 Playback works as it should on Android.
Log ID 1104410


Could you reboot the v2 that is showing the single detection zone box and see if the grid comes back after the reboot? We made a cloud change that may have fixed this.


Hey Jason

Nope. Tried the simple power-cycle without success.

Then toggle-off Detection Zone, force close app, clear cache, restart app, toggle-on Detection Zone, no go: kept the single box at the same dimensions that it had been.

Then toggle-off Detection Zone, force close app, clear cache, POWER-CYCLE CAM / RESTART PHONE, restart app, toggle-on Detection Zone, same result.

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Thank you for trying I will let them know.


Can someone on the team please look at the Cam+ event playback on the V3 and V3 Pro cameras via the Android App version 2.43.0 (312). When playing videos back via the event viewer, the playback is choppy on just the V3 and V3 pro cameras for me. The V2 cameras play smoothly. Playback IS smooth on the V3 and V3 Pro on Webview playback (via Edge Chromium or Firefox browsers). Currently I have “Enable Hardware Decoder” OFF in the App settings. I have tried cache clearing, signing out/in, but it still stutters on just the V3 and V3 pro cameras on event playback (even at 4x playback).