One Toggle for On / Off of Motion WARNING "You are currently being recorded" on Home Screen!

Dear Wyze Team,

I am a big fan of your products and I have been using Wyze cameras for several years. I currently have 11 Wyze cameras, 4 of which are the new Floodlight Pro. yes I am a Wyze techie fan boy. (actually man) :raising_hand_man::grinning:

I am writing to you today to offer some feedback on a feature that I would like to see added to the Wyze app. I would like to be able to toggle on / off the “You are currently being recorded” verbal warning from the home screen of the app for all cameras with that capability.

Currently, the only way to turn on or off this warning is to go into the various settings for each individual camera. This is a time-consuming and aggravating process, especially if you have a lot of cameras.

I believe that it would be much more convenient and user-friendly if we could toggle ON / OFF FOR ALL DEVICES SIMULTAINEOUSLY the warning from the home screen of the Motion WARNING "You are currently being recorded" feature. This would allow us to quickly and easily turn the warning on or off without having to go into each individual camera’s various settings.

I would also like to suggest that you add Alexa support for this feature. This would allow us to turn the warning on or off using a simple voice command. This could even be added to the scheduling or dusk til dawn.

I believe that these changes would make the Wyze app more user-friendly and would elevate the Wyze brand above its competitors.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Tim + all owners / users
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@timc1475, you wish it… Wyze grants it.

The current Beta App Release Candidate in final testing adds Rules Actions for the Verbal Warning message.

You can now create a Shortcut Rule to sit on the top bar of the App to turn all your FLP Verbal Warning messages on or off. You can also schedule them on and off or use any other Wyze device as a trigger in a Trigger rule.

As as for the Alexa Integration of that feature to an Alexa Routine Action, that will need to be requested in a post to the following Wishlist topic:


image In the future…

Hi! You have been observed five times in the past week. You invariably approach from the north and continue southbound past my position. You have a fairly typical gait. Have a nice day!

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Awesome. This made it MUCH easier to toggle on / off the verbal motion warning nightly for my 4 floodlight pro’s. But… now I have 4 quick buttons off and 4 quick buttons on = 8 quick buttons!

I know what how about allow 1 button on that when clicked and the same button when clicked a 2nd time goes off…then that 1 button toggle would replace 8 button toggles! Duh. :man_shrugging::joy::white_heart::gift:

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Shortcut Rule buttons are not Toggles Off\On. They are Rule triggers. Fire and forget. Press this button, execute this Rule. The buttons have no way of knowing what actions you have programmed into your Rule.

If you are turning all four on and off together at the same time, all you need is two rules and two shortcut buttons. One for On and one for Off. Each will have four actions, one for each floodlight.