Add more Alexa Actions

With the amount of products being released growing and the requests for more Alexa interactions increasing, we have consolidated them here.

This list is for Alexa actions (Wyze things that Alexa can make happen). For Alexa Triggers, see this related topic: Add more Alexa Triggers.

Please click VOTE at the top to indicate your desire for more Alexa Actions. You can reply to this topic with thoughts on which of these are most important to you, We understand that having these requests consolidated in a single #wishlist topic means that you can’t vote on them individually. That is why commenting about your favorites, use cases, and personal significance is important. Wyze will consider those comments in prioritizing implementation.

Existing Actions:

  • Bulb
    • Power On/Off
    • Brightness 0-100
      • Ramp Brightness HH:MM (using this disables color temp)
    • Color Temp Warm/Soft/White/Daylight/Cool (5 discreet options)
  • Plug On/Off
  • WYZE Lock Lock/Unlock (Unlock requires code to be entered also)

Requested Actions:

  • Turn cams on/off
  • Query Alexa for device status (eg. on/off)
  • Turn Floodlight on/off
  • Turn Lamp Socket on/off
  • Thermostat “hold”

If more (reasonable) suggestions are made in the comments, they will be added to the above list.

Verbal Alexa announcement when a WYZE cam senses motion.


I would like to be able to do the following.

1st - If enabled I want show automatically a triggered camera on echo show when motion is detected.

2nd If my fire tv or firestick is on then show the camera on screen.

3rd echo dot - notify me of the event “like camera 1 alert” and say there is a camera with two way auto - let me respond. Like a camera at front gate. I might be in a location where I only have a echo dot.

Also, if I wanted to check on all camera’s like to see them all at once on my fire tv or fire stick with voice command. I can show them with the Tinycam app already.


Verbal notifications of motion or person would be nice for home security at night because the chances of hearing the notification on my phone while sleeping are slim to none.

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Execute single shortcut fpr multiple actions like “night mode” “away mode” as configured on my wyze app. if this too complex, any way to make it single command on alexa to control multiple devices. (use case: before sleeping “alexa secure home”)

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I would love to have the option that when wyze cameras detects motion/person and sound, that you can have alexa speak a phrase such as person detected at the (name of camera) etc


It would be great to be able to ask Alexa the status of items, e.g. “Alexa, is the porch light on?”
Right now you get “Porch light does not support that.”


Wyze Thermostat Alexa Command Support Wanted

I am wondering if there are plans to implement the Wyze Thermostat Auto Home/Away/Sleep modes into Alexa Support? When I bought the Thermostat I had assumed this was already supported. But under Alexa’s App I see only Temperature degree settings up or down.

It would be great to be able to have my Wyze Thermostat run as part of a single routine I already have set up. So when I say, “Alexa, Goodbye.” It runs the routine that turns everything off and then hopefully one day will set the Wyze Thermostat switched to away mode. Same for when I get home. I would like to be able to say, “Alexa, I’m Home.” And have it run the routine to turn my lights on then set the Wyze Thermostat to Home Mode.

Are there plans to add this to the Alexa features for the Wyze Thermostat anytime soon?


It would also be nice if Alexa could pull the Temperature from the Wyze Thermostat in a way so that when I say, “Alexa, I am Home.” It runs a routine on Alexa that turns my equipment on and can have Alexa Announce what the Temperature currently is. in my home. But first I would prefer the ability to have Alexa switch from Home/Sleep/Away mode on the Wyze Thermostat. That’s far more useful and energy-saving.


Totally agree. I have the ‘State’ set up (Home/Away/Sleep), but Alexa will only change the temperature, which then gets overridden by the State settings.

Like others, I tried to add a command to a routine so Alexa would automatically change the thermostat to ‘Away’, but she “doesn’t know how to do that”.

I guess until Wyze adds the Home/Away/Sleep commands to the Wyze Skill, I’ll have to disable the states…dammit.

One advantage about going with the same brand of Smart Home devices is that you don’t run into this so much. My sister has an Echo Show and a Nest thermostat, works perfectly.


When I work on my front yard or driveway my Alexa keeps saying “Person detected front door cam.”
I wish could say, “Alexa, turn off front door cam notification for one hour.”

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I’ve set up a hack/workaround using an extra Wyze outlet that I had to effectively set the thermostats to Home/Away by Alexa.
I have a routine that will turn on the Wyze outlet when Alexa Guard is set to Away mode. Then in the Wyze app I have a trigger set up so when the Wyze outlet is On, my thermostats will go to Away mode. Same deal with Home mode: Alexa Guard set to Home > Wyze outlet turns off > Wyze app triggers thermostats to Home mode. Has been working good for several months now.
Obviously having this as part of the Alexa skill as others have mentioned would be preferred…


Also use Alexa devices as additional doorcambell chimes and as additional HMS sirens.


Need support for Amazon Echos and IFTTT for the new Wyze CAM Floodlight. Cameras are supported but not the floodlight sensor and lights.


Floodlight feature request

  • Ability to turn on/off & control intensity of lights via Alexa command
  • Ability to control via Alexa routines
  • Ability to turn on/off only one light

Wyze socket and floodlight integration with Alexa and Google

I couldn’t find the feature request elsewhere. It would be fantastic if Wyze made both the floodlight and the grouped/individual Wyze sockets controllable via Alexa and Google. I would love it if I could have Alexa turn off the external lights when I determine they are no longer needed. For instance I use the socket and flood light to light up the backyard whenever the dogs are outside. It would be nice if I could have Alexa turn them off so they don’t have to wait for a timer after motion has stopped. It would especially nice if I could easily disable the lights when the pets are all inside if not using the lights for security lighting.

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Please add Alexa smart assistant control of the floodlights. To me, this product is a camera AND light product. In fact, I use the light more than the camera and need an easy, hands free way to turn the light on until I turn of off with my voice.


Flood light integration with alexa

It would be nice if you could have Alexa turn it on and off like most WiFi flood lights


Control Floodlight with Alexa

How about turning the Floodlight on and off with Alexa?


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