Add more Alexa Triggers

Alexa routine based on AI detection other than person

Since cams plus can identify things like package or pets, it would be nice to be able to use those options with Alexa routines. Currently it only allows for person detection.

There is a thread linked below, though not suggested as a feature.


The pet detection as you have on person detection with camera would be great

You can do this for person, with cams plus.

  • Open Alexa app
  • More → Routines → (+) Add
  • Under " When this happens" choose “Smart Home” choose the camera with cams plus, and click person.
  • Under “Action” choose “Alexa Says” and put your custom message. You can add additional actions, such as lights on or other things, depending on your smart devices.

Unfortunately, at this point, it only works with people.

Mild edit: with the new free cams plus lite, I think this will now work without a full cams plus account.

I would like Alexa triggers for package detection. I would also like to be able to turn off an Alexa enabled light when no motion is detected for a given amount of time. I can do this with my blink outdoor camera but not the wyze cameras. Eg. Blink camera: when a motion is detected my light turns on. When there is no motion for 10 min the light turns off. I would like to switch to wyze camera but this simple inability is preventing that.

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As far as the automatic off, this is a rule in Alexa. Add 3 actions to the Routine. Action 1 ON, action 2 WAIT and set your preferred timing, action 3 OFF

add motion announcements option in Alexa for door bell

doorbell announcements exists in Alexa already. looking to have motion announcements also as an option in Alexa.

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I have purchased most of the Wyze products and I’m one of the few that seem to actually like the Ecosystem. My biggest complaint is integrations always seem like an afterthought. I use Alex or Home Assistant for my automations because the rules engine within Wyze is still very underdeveloped.

Please add Leak Sensors as a trigger for Alexa!


We need an optional trigger for a “lost pet”… a pet without a person.

Say, for example, your dog got loose, but managed to find his way back to your house a coupla days later. The camera could detect a lost pet, and, Alexa could announce that a dog has been detected.

Make more sensors visible to Alexa and IFTTT

The heat/humidity and water-leak sensors would be useful input to home automation. For example, I may want to run a whole-house fan if the inside temperature is above 80 degrees and the outside air is both cooler and not overly humid.

(And yes, it would also be nice to have a weather -safe version of the them/humidity sensor, but I can kluge my own shelter for the existing one, or put it in a sheltered corner of the porch.)

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If Wyze just documented API’s, there are folks who would be delighted to create and donate bridges to just about anything in the home automation ecosystem.

Or provide a NodeRED plugin and we’ll build the bridges using that. I’m already using NodeRED to bridge some ancient X10 hardware, and will be using it soon to connect to custom interfaces I’ve built.

The device I’m most interested in right now is the temp/humidity sensor. The 3-pack is relatively cheap, and it would be a useful input to scatter around the house for HVAC intelligence. Smart things does put temperature sensing in almost everything they sell, which is a nice “free bonus” feature, but there are still areas I don’t already have coverage for and the idea of having humidity data so I could build the controls around perceived conditions rather than raw temperature is Really Interesting.

(On the hardware side: I want a wired probe for temperature, like the cabled moisture sensor, so I could drill a small hole and take a measurement inside walls for early warning of pipe-freeze conditions. That’s more of a risk for some of us than basement freezing.)

Please add all of the Cam Plus Triggers:
Camera Detects Package
Camera Detects Vehicle
Camera Detects Pet

And if possible (I don’t used these specifically myself):

Camera Detects Barking
Camera Detects Meowing
Camera Detects Crying

The Camera detects Sound should be available in Alexa as well



Since Waze doesn’t sell 220V smart switches or smart bulbs, I need to adapt and use my smart hub to receive the motion notification from Camera V3 and turn on light in the Hallway. Then turn it off after 2 minutes. The reason I am not using a Wyze Bulb light is because in that environment I only have a 220V plug.

It is 2023 and there still is no “Motion Detected” trigger for cameras! Since “Person Detected” has existed for a while, it sure seems like Wyze has been trying to force people to purchase Cam+ for simple Alexa integration?

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I was able to resolve this with a $19 motion detector local supplier in Brazil. I agree it all may be in the business justification, but there very cheap alternatives to leave this feature out.

After watching an episode of SciShow. Studies confirmed it is not old age. Whenever U walk in to the next room n forget what you wanted to get or do.

It’s a change of scenery, that triggered ur forgetfulness.

But I digress.

An Alexa trigger would help. Since I have left the Front & Basement doors, partially open several times, even overnight.

Help me Alexa !!
I do not live in a rural setting. My neighbors live 20-30 feet away.

Lucky me, my front door is +30yds, from the street.

Wish there was a way to change the Alexa sound for detection events like for example: person detection could be a sound of a doorbell or any sound a person desires. Car,package, ect… to choose what sound effects for each one. To ear through the echo dot. :+1:
Also on subject. smart TVs or smart screens could show the event as it happens in either a pop-up window or full screen. :+1:

it is confusing why it is so difficult to add more similar devices to Alexa.

As an example, you would think that the required code for leak sensor and motion sensor would be almost identical as they are both 1 / 0 … on / off devices…

Does Wyze use modular coding and code libraries across devices?

I answered this in this thread:

Basically the short version seems to be that sometimes Alexa doesn’t support everything yet. I am reading that Alexa doesn’t yet have built in support for leak sensors. I don’t know why, since as you said, it seems like on/off would be exactly the same. You should realistically be able to set them up as if they are a contact sensor. :man_shrugging: So I don’t understand why it’s not that simple. Maybe there is something in the use-agreement that prevents them from misrepresenting what kind of sensor it is just to have it supported on there.

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there are some great trigger requests. Are Alexa trigger requests being worked on at all? Please change cam person detection to include motion detection.

We need some help out here is Wyzeland!1

A quarterly update on Alexa triggers would be great as an update for us and a reminder for your Wyze programmers!!

I saw “MAYBE LATER” on this which was a bit … sad perhaps.

Dave made such a Great video on youtube announcing Alexa Integration and we were hoping for a follow-up!

I am always interested to hear how Wyze team are actually using Wyze devices (cams, sensors, lights) for their home & office automations.
This would be a very good topic for future fireside chats… Please ask Gwen if she could add this as a topic to the monthly agendas. “Show & Tell” segments perhaps!

Anyone else interested?!

@carverofchoice !

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I know we do work with Alexa I will have to see if they are currently working on any new triggers.

That is not a bad idea, I will see if we can come up with something like this.

This could probably be tagged multiple ways, it was probably tagged as ‘maybe-later’ since it is a list of tags and it is possible not all of them would get done. I will see if there is a better tag for this when I know more about what they are currently working on.