Wyze Cam Outdoor only streams live view for ~15 seconds then freezes

I have several Wyze Cam Outdoor cameras, but recently I noticed that they will only stream a live view for about 15 to 20 seconds before freezing. Then there is a further delay of about 10 to 20 seconds before the camera goes thru connection steps 1, 2, 3 again. I then get a live stream for 15 to 20 sec. and then it repeats with a freeze and reacquisition, again and again it repeats.

I have 2 cameras on one base station that both do this. I have rebooted the cameras, the base station, and my router. No improvement. One camera is located 50 ft from the base station, the other is 10 feet away. All cameras and base station are on the latest firmware. All other Wyze cams V3s and Battery Cam Pros have no issues with live streaming.

Any ideas as to what is causing this?


Glad I’m not the only one. Ready to toss my outdoor cams in the trash. Seems like there’s always been some issue with them… I’ve had mine since they were first released. The connection problems have only gotten worse.

I read somewhere that removing the camera from their cloud service helps… and so I did this… it did help for a short while, but then the issues came back. Something about the uploading of events interfering with the live stream or whatever. Idk.

@aemasters @alexdfw You are not the only ones see this post:

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Has anyone tried downgrading the app and/or the cam firmware? The link nor here seems to show anyone as actually doing so.

In most cases the cam firmware can be downgraded. Android apps can be downgraded from the app apk sideloaded from other app stores or mirrors. IOS would probably be more difficult but I believe possible.

The issue could be anywhere though. But, too you don’t need the app to stream the cam either. Etc.

You can obviously wait an unknown amount of time or trash the cams.

How do you watch the WCO Live view without the app? It is not supported on the web view. Yes you can view the V3 and V3 Pro on the web view but the original post for this was about the battery powered WCO.
People having issues with the plug in cams found it’s way in here also. I have 4 V3 and one V3 Pro and they will stream without any issues using the app, the web view is hit or miss.

And still nothing has changed. They still freeze after about 20 seconds and then pop back on after another 15 seconds or so and then freeze again

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They said they are working on it, we’ll be waiting for a while as usual. :rofl:

I have the exact same problem with live stream stopping after ~10 seconds. This is a new problem with both my WCO.

The same issue occurs if I try to hit record on a live stream.


So far, the only “fix” is to activate the microphone while viewing the livestream and the stream does not freeze. Only until when you disable the microphone, the feed will freeze.

Even if microphone is activated, my WCO cameras still freeze after 10-15 seconds.

I am so close to reverting back to the previous software version of the WCO and base station via the microsd BUT I’m afraid that might mess things up even more if somehow the reverting back process doesn’t finish successfully.

Yes, same here. Turning the micro phone on or off does nothing to help the freezing

Turning local network on my iOS devices works for me. All four WCO v1 continue to stream as long as I want them to.

I have an android, I don’t think it works the same way

Does your android device show what the WYZE app has access to?

I’m not sure what you mean.

So I reverted the base station and one of my WCO V2s to the previous software. Feed still freezes and the one minute cooldown period is still present. I believe the current software ruined the cooldown to change it back to no cooldown even after changing it in the camera settings

I finally called Wyze about the live view freezing as well as live view recording not working correctly.
I was walked through filing a report.
Several hours later my WCO 1 and 2 were not working at all.
So I selected the base station and new firmware was finally available.
I then updated the base station firmware and everything works.

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